Sunday 26 December 2021

Another COVID Christmas in 2021

This is the 11th year documenting my favourite season of the year! Not sure how many people will read this post but I'm still gonna document it for memory sake ☺️

Since our old 10-year-old tree has reached the end of its life, we said goodbye to it last year and bought a new tree from Mason Home Decor. I love that the leaves look so realistic! This year I also had an extra helper to help set up the tree!

It's like a must for me to put up Christmas decorations all around my house during the Christmas season. It really lifts your spirits and puts you in a good mood!

This year I also did my own wreath using simple materials I bought from Daiso.

With the house all decorated, we were ready to welcome guests to our home!

I also made use of Christmas as a good excuse to buy myself a Christmas gift, a Lego Mosaic of me and the hubby via the Mosaic Maker at the Sentosa Lego Store.

The kids ended up having more fun than me piecing the whole thing together! Love it so much!

December is also when we would celebrate my mum's birthday and we decided to treat her to Paul's at Tanglin Mall, one of our favourite restaurants.

Since we're out and about, we might as well take loads of pictures with the beautiful decorations by the malls! Yet another annual tradition!

We also headed to Jewel as I had some Singapore Rediscovers vouchers left and wanted to utilise them at the Manulife Sky Nets.

I really love to take pictures at Jewel! It's such a beautiful place 😊

Before heading to the nets, we had lunch at the famous Burger and Lobster. It was good but of course cannot be compared to the original Burger & Lobster that we had in London.

However, the beautiful view from the restaurant absolutely made up for it!

After lunch, we headed to the Manulife Sky Nets by going through Jewel Canopy (the Sky Nets were located within Jewel Canopy). We visited in 2019 pre-COVID so it was nice to visit again, this time all decked out in their Christmas theme.

There were 2 types of Sky Nets, Walking and Bouncing. We read reviews that the walking nets were really boring so we decided to skip that and went straight to Bouncing.

You need to book a slot and wait for your turn before you can enter as they regulate the number of people inside.

You can see the whole fountain from the highest point, which can be pretty scary for people who are afraid of heights. It's cheap thrill for the rest of us! 😂

It looks way bigger from outside though, because once inside, it was actually a very tiny area with not much to do! Our slot was 1.5 hours but we got bored after just 20 minutes! We ended up finding a nice corner and hanging out together for the rest of our time on the nets!

It was an experience but once is more than enough!

We also checked out Rainforest Lumina held at Singapore Zoo at night. It featured light displays on the empty enclosures while the animals were at the Night Safari.

It was quite cool to explore the Zoo at night! We even bought a souvenir to support our local Zoo 😊

We always take the opportunity at the end of the year to soak in the celebrations.

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