Thursday 10 February 2022

Littlest Girl's 3rd Birthday

My Littlest Girl turned 3 this year! How fast time flies!!!

The lucky birthday girl had 3 cakes that day!

One in school where she celebrated with her classmates. I'm thankful that she is doing well in a preschool that is well-suited to her.

One beef 'cake' at home from her daddy, who knows that her favourite food is beef steak!

And finally of course, her birthday cake with us! I got lazy and just decorated it simply with her favourite Hey Duggee characters.

Thanks to all the grandmas, aunties and uncles for your lovely ang pows and gifts!

She really enjoyed her birthday, especially this Baby Shark ice-cream cake 🤩

At 3 years old, my baby girl is starting to talk a lot, albeit less clear than her older sister at that age. But she makes up for it with her dare-devil attitude to try new things and amazing climbing skills (she definitely climbs with the ability of a 5-6 year old)! I'm definitely bringing her rock climbing once she is old enough 🤭 

She also loves pink (like mummy) and is very opinionated, as expected, about what she wears, eats or does! She loves to dress up but hates to take pictures. She'd only pose (unwillingly too if I might add!) for a photo if she is: 1) in a good mood or 2) threatened/bribed by this mummy! 😅 

Her favourite Jellycat is the rabbit and her current favourite toys are the many unicorns she has inherited from her sister, who had outgrown her unicorn craze (now my tween is into k-pop!). When she is sweet, she is sickening sugary sweet, but when she is nasty, oh boy, she is fiesty! But well, that's my girl hur hur 🤣

Happy birthday my darling! 
Mummy loves you no matter what! 😁

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