Tuesday 15 February 2022

CNY in the Year of the Tiger

CNY Prep

This CNY was going to be a muted one like the year before due to COVID-19 restrictions. Despite that we won't be expecting many visitors, we decided to go with the usual decorations to lift our spirits.
This year I thought I will also add on a plant centrepiece just for fun; as well as my usual flower arrangement 😁
All ready for the new year!

Reunion Dinners

The pandemic restrictions during CNY this year only allowed dining for 5 per table so the Heng-Lee-Yap family of 10 had to split into 2 tables: girls and boys+mum.
The girls had fun at our table, the food was so yummy!

We had reunion with the Lee family at home and tried my hand at making yusheng in the shape of a tiger. Not the best but it was fun making it!


Our family dressed up in predominantly red this year, with Littlest Girl twinning with her bff and twin (my niece).

As we are only allowed 5 visitors per household per day, it really limited our usual visitations. But me being me, I decided to get all of us dressed up anyway, even if we're only going to visit my mum's house, cos it's not CNY otherwise!

It's also probably the last time I'm going to get my girl to wear a dress? 😅

DAY 2 Onwards

We didn't do much for the rest of CNY except to visit some relatives here and there and to visit the malls.

Hopefully next year will be a less restrictive CNY so that we can catch up with the extended family!


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