Saturday 1 February 2014

Baby Boy's 1st CNY in the Year of the Horse

It's our family tradition every Chinese New Year to:
1) have steamboat reunion dinner
2) offer oranges to our elders and exchange for red packets and/or blessings
3) take a lot of family photos since we're all dressed up!

We did it in the Year of the Rabbit (2011)Year of the Dragon (2012) & Year of the Snake (2013) so not surprisingly, we did it again this year! =)

First was our annual steamboat reunion dinner.

Our annual reunion dinner family photo, this year with a new family member!
Duo steamboat
Half a Hokkaido crab! Yum!

Then it was offering 2 oranges to our elders on the first day of CNY.

Happy Chinese New Year!
Girl trying to carry her brother solo for the first time.
Baby Boy does not look like he trust her in the slightest! *laughs*
恭喜发财,奶奶! =)

Finally, it was taking as many family photos as we could before the kids and/or guys started complaining!

Hubby's family
(taken with a self-timer at home)
Photos with my beloved babies
(taken by my brother at the void deck of our house)
Finally, photos of us as a family of FOUR! =)
The girls of my family
(taken by my brother at my maiden home)
My beautiful family
(Missing my dad who is working hard in China! Sad..)

There was also another baby in the family, who was just 5 months older than Baby Boy!

With Baby R and his mummy

So happy that Baby Boy has so many friends who are about the same age as him. Hopefully he will grow to enjoy hanging out together with them every CNY as much as we did =)

I'm looking forward to more feasting and fellowship to come! =)

 Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse 
to all my family and friends! =)
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