Tuesday 28 January 2014

First Month Mini Photo Shoot

I've been wanting to take professional photos of my newborn (I mean, they are only tiny once!) either by a photographer or my brother (who's an amateur photographer). The latter was preferred as it is cheaper (all I needed to do is to rent a studio for 2 hours) and we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted and at our own time.

However, none of my family members were interested and strongly discouraged me from going ahead with it. Undeterred, I decided to do it myself. Armed with my new Olympus camera, I conducted a mini photo shoot for my boy in the comfort of my own home! =)

A basket of beautiful baby =)

Following the theme of "celebrations" (since my boy was born during a period of celebrations), I decided on the concept and layout of the photos, draped a basket with blankets, laid my boy in it and snapped away! =)

Happy Chinese New Year
Merry Christmas
(Apologies for the poor photo quality; only the mum-in-law was able to capture this picture as by the time I picked up my camera after putting this scene together, he was already crying *sigh*
Happy Valentine's Day

What do you think? I think I will do this every festival and watch my baby grow! *grin*

Happy 1st Month my darling baby boy! May you have the most awesome 1st Christmas, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day all rolled into one =)
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