Friday 4 February 2011

Baby J's 1st CNY in the Year of the Rabbit

It's the first time baby J is celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) this year and she's really excited. With 3 reunion dinners and lanterns everywhere, who can blame her?

First, we had a reunion dinner at my mum's house 2 weeks ago.

Then, we had steamboat and nice Shabu Shabu at our house with immediate family members last Sunday.

Staring longingly at the feast that she still can't eat yet

Cousin C & Cousin D came over to join us and baby J had fun playing with her cousins.

Baby J & Cousin C

We had our third reunion dinner on the actual CNY eve at her paternal grandfather's house. 

Tiger in rabbit's clothing...

Then it was the actual day of CNY.

3 generation of girls

We dressed her up in this pink traditional Chinese dress and headpiece that our friend Soon-to-be-Mrs P bought for her. It's like she knows it's an important day or something. Like she can smell it in the air and feel it in her bones. She woke up extremely happy and in a wonderful mood. Especially receiving Hong Baos (red packets). Who doesn't? *laughs*

From all of us here,
Happy Rabbitey Chinese New Year!
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