Tuesday 8 February 2011

CNY Celebrations Part 2

Last Saturday both the baby and I dressed up to go to church for service and then to a CNY party at our friend Soon-to-be-Mrs P's house.

Baby J in the same pink dress to maximise its use since it can only be worn at this time of the year

She just loves this colourful cushiony play area at the nursery in church. 


She seems to at least try to crawl when she is on it. Was contemplating on getting one but decided against it seeing its sheer size and possible cost.

Later we met the C family at the CNY party where baby J met baby I again.

Happy families

The very first time when baby J met baby I was when he was only a few days old at the hospital. Now baby I is 2 months old and weighing 6kg! He'll soon catch up to baby J, no doubt about it!

Can't wait for them to grow bigger and play together. Baby J doesn't have many playmates her age so I'm always happy for her to meet and play with other kids. Baby I is such a cheerful chap, I'm sure they'll have loads of fun together in future when they can both run and jump around.

Twas a fun CNY for baby J =)
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