Saturday 8 February 2014

Push, Push, PUSH!

"Focus! Don't cry!" 
"Push it out!!!"
"Just one more time, one more time! It's coming out already!!! C'mon PUSH!!!!!"

If you thought I was describing my birth story, well not quite. This was actually me, using my big voice in the toilet of our home.

You see, my girl has always suffered from constipation (unfortunately, she got that from me). No matter how many fruits she eat or water she drinks, she'll only do the big one about once in 3 days. Major bummer. Not surprisingly, she doesn't like to poop as it's always a big undertaking! Even when she has the feeling, she will try to endure and not go to the toilet for fear that it's painful.

Constipation is such a pain!

We always have to be aware of when she needs to poop as she likes to hide the fact that she does. And after I've caught her red-handed, I'll have to lug her to the toilet and force her to poop!

"Focus! Push!"

Now I understand why the nurses at the delivery suite said the exact same words to me!

It was like deja vu (-_-").

These days we have been using positive reinforcement to get her to go and poop willingly, i.e. giving her a sweet after every successful attempt. So far it is working. Hopefully we never have to force her to poop ever again.. *cross fingers*
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