Monday 11 February 2013

Celebrating the New Year of the Snake

Following the tradition of our family, we had steamboat for our reunion dinner this year as we had last year and the year before.

Look at the awesome spread of food!
Our family photo before we started the meal

The only difference was that this year, we had Hokkaido hairy crab, Hokkaido giant scallops, Wagyu beef and Japanese soup base (all bought at discounted prices from Kuriya Fresh Fish Market, Cold Storage and Mediya) as the stars of our meal! Yes.. we really miss Hokkaido!

The hairy crab together with the Japanese soup base brought extra flavour to our food while the beef was super soft and tender! I ate so much my stomach felt like it was about to burst!

Later that evening, I did a pedicure for my girl as promised and she was uber excited! She got to choose a colour and all that, it was really fun.

She played with a toy while waiting for her nails to dry
"Sparrow Me the Drama" by O.P.I

At around 11pm, we took a slow stroll to Chinatown to join in the festivities and see the firecrackers and fireworks.

One of the main roads at Chinatown was closed as usual

We stood at the back of the stage where there were significantly less people. The trade-off is that you can't really see the fireworks from here. Nevertheless, baby girl got a chance to experience the loud firecrackers and the smoke that it produced!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. 新年快乐!!

The next morning, we woke up at 10am to get ready for our day of visiting.

"大吉大利, 恭喜发财!"
Presenting the most senior in the family with 2 oranges and receiving a red packet in return
In our traditional Chinese cheong sum

This year we got traditional Chinese dresses for my girl and myself so that the both of us can wear matchy-matchy clothes this year =)

Then it was off to visit my mum and my maternal grandmother.

All decked out in red this year!

CNY is a time of catching up with relatives, eating loads and loads of high-calorie goodies (of which I'm proud to say I ate only a little bit of) and taking lots of photos! =)

Spot the Difference!

Girl was so exhausted, she got really cranky after her cousins left our house and went to dreamland the minute her head hit the pillow.
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