Wednesday 6 February 2019

CNY in the Year of the Pig

It has become somewhat of a tradition to blog about Chinese New Year so this is a mandatory post! *laughs*

This is the second year I'm celebrating Chinese New Year while pregnant. Thank God that it's the final month of pregnancy and my baby is finally allowing me to enjoy the CNY feasting!

Yummy beef and crab for our reunion dinner
Home BBQ instead of steamboat for a change ๐Ÿ˜„
Cheese lobsters and scallops
Lee family reunion group photo
Heng family reunion group photo

I will probably only celebrate CNY while pregnant twice in my lifetime so I might as well enjoy it! Despite being 39 weeks pregnant and bursting at the seams, I'm so glad that I still managed to fit into the reddest maternity/nursing dress that I own!

Kids in their CNY outfits and wishing their elders happy CNY
Our annual CNY group photo
(man, I look like a whale! :S)

As usual, we gathered at my grandmother's house as we do every year for CNY. I will try to get a group photo of all the cousins every year and every year, I will try to convince my grandmother to be in it. Some years she would do it grudgingly and some years she would refuse. This year she actually willingly agree to take photos with us!

With my beloved grandmother

My grandmother is someone who fights for her family and refuses to let poverty stop her children from achieving their dreams. This strength and fearlessness of not being afraid to speak her mind was passed down to mother, then to my sister and I and hopefully to my daughters. We are strong and independent women and proud of it!

We went home after that to the first Lee family CNY gathering that we hosted at our home.

CNY Lo Hei
Huat ah!

I was soooo tired from all the festivities that I had to go hide in my room and lay down to rest before dinner! I spent the whole of the next day recovering from the first day of CNY *laughs*

Happy CNY! =)


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