Monday 8 February 2016

CNY Day 1: The Year of the Monkey

We're executing the tradition of reunion dinner a little differently this year. Instead of the usual steamboat at our house with just the 6 of us, we were having reunion dinner at the hubby's 2nd brother's house with all the kids and our new sister-in-law.

Wefie of the whole family. Not an easy feat to fit everyone into the photo!
Look at all the food! Yummy!

I ate so much I thought my stomach was going to burst! =S

Two days later on the eve of Chinese New Year (CNY), the newly weds would be travelling to China to visit the sister-in-law's relatives for part 2 of the wedding celebrations. We decided it would be fun to head to the airport to send them off!

With the Monkey-themed CNY decorations in the background

I think this is the first year since I got married into the family that the youngest brother-in-law is not spending CNY with us. Of course both the mum-in-law and I missed him very much *sigh*

On the first day of CNY, the mum-in-law dressed the kids in the traditional Chinese outfits that she had bought for them (I'm lucky, I never need to buy clothes for my kids!).

Baby Boy in yellow and Girlee in a flowery Cheong Sam
(My girl wears a Cheong Sam every year!)

In case you're wondering, the mum-in-law bought the very pretty Cheong Sam that my girl was wearing for just $16! Doesn't look like it right? Robinsons was selling a super duper plain Cheong Sam for $48! I thought it was such a rip off!

Offering oranges and well-wishes to the most senior in the family
The very happy kids after receiving their red packet
The mandatory family photo that we take every year!
(Missing the bro-in-law of course, sadly)

Forcing the family to take family photos is kind of a tradition of mine that I do every year. It's fun to see how our families evolve over the years right? (Should probably do a compilation of our family photos one of these days..).

My side of the family
With our closest cousins at grandma's house
This group will only keep growing and growing!
Showing off our outfits for the day! #ootd

After visiting my grandmother (the kids great-grandmother), we went home to spend the rest of the day with the hubby's side of the family.

The mum-in-law bought matching outfits for both Baby Boy and Baby Cousin E! So cute right?!
(It's so nice that Baby Boy has a cousin around his age to play with, just like we did when we were kids!)

As with every CNY, there is bound to be a lot of food involved but I was determined to restrict my intake of the new year goodies. I'm happy to announce that I only ate one small square of bak kwa, four love letter sticks (they're my favourite, can't help it!), a couple of kueh lapis and NO pineapple tarts! Yay! So proud of myself *grin*

Hopefully my determination will last the whole 15 days of celebration! Wish me luck!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

I pray that the new year will be full of love, joy and blessings for you and your family! =)

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