Wednesday 3 February 2016

The Brother-In-Law's Wedding

The youngest brother-in-law (you know, the one who always tags along most of our family trips) is finally getting married! =)

As usual, I was the wedding decorator (see my portfolio here: Garden Wedding, Orange and Blue Wedding, Bread and Butter Wedding).

The main centerpiece was decorated in blue and white
Red rose petals were scattered on the table
Left: Faux white roses and vase bought from Kaison in Malacca;
Right: Wedding teddy bears that we bought from Malacca, chosen by none other than me!
Cute right? I've got good taste hahaha.
Left: The pretty flower girl is all ready for her duties;
Close up of the central feature on the wall made up of a photo frame and letters from Kaison, Malacca.
The guest table where the guest book and wedding favours were placed. I decorated it with the girl's Barbie and Ken in wedding outfits and yet another Kaison item (i.e. LOVE).

I made the Ang Pow (red packet) "box" out of a Cinderella Carriage that I bought from (yes you guessed it) Kaison! I wrapped it tightly with clear transparent plastic so that the red packets will not fall out and lined it with blue ribbon (intentionally drapping two ribbons down from the top, creating a triangle so that people knew exactly where to put their red packets! =)). Love the final result, don't you? =)

Left: Decorated a wall with an Art we bought from Kaison (that place is awesome!).
The words are so meaningful don't you think?
Right: Lights lined the main entrance where the bride was going to enter.
The bride's bouquet of pink daisies and white roses
The handsome Baby Boy and pretty flower girl =)
They look so good all dressed up! My kids are growing up too fast =(
Baby Boy was wearing the exact same suit that our Page Boy (Nephew C) wore at my wedding (left)!
(Although he has a lot of growing up to do before he can fit into it perfectly haha)
Mum-in-law with two thirds of her grandchildren. Blessed grandmother indeed!

I don't wanna toot my own horn (oh who am I kidding *laughs*).. I think all these years of taking photos for this blog has been proven useful for my job as the informal photographer for this wedding! Have to say, my photos turned out pretty good (真的很不要脸 *laughs*)!

All the photos in this post are taken by my Olympus OMD (don't play play!) =D

The beautiful bride with the pretty flower girl
The bride, groom and the neice and nephews (missing one, who was asleep)

The event started promptly at 5pm (thereabouts, I can't really remember since I was busy making sure that the Bride, Flower Girl and Page Boy were ready).

Left: Getting ready to say their vows;
The flower girl and the page boy.
Exchanging vows and rings
Husband and wife!
(The bride's manicure was done by Prettify Me, my nail salon)

CONGRATS to the brother-in-law and my new sister-in-law! =)

Left: The groom was so nervous and perspired so much that the rose on his chest pocket bloomed!;
Right: Lovely photo of the bride and groom
Left: Bride and Groom with all the kids (hope they will have kids of their own soon too!);
Right: With the proud mum-in-law, who can finally heave a sigh of relief and give a good report to our late Ah Pa
(my father-in-law)
Bride and groom with Brother #1 and family (us lah)
Bride and groom with Brother #2 and family
Iron Man?
How is a wedding complete without a toast?! Yaaaaaaaaaam seng!

The bride changed into her evening gown for tea ceremony with the family after all the friends have left.

A very relaxed brother-in-law after a couple of drinks (alcoholic of course)!
Mini photoshoot just before sunset
(love the warm effect)
Apparently, the bridal bouquet was the only flowers this unromantic groom had ever given the bride!
So we made him give her his red rose on bended knee.
Serving tea to the mum-in-law
Nephew C and Nephew D serving tea to their new third aunt (san shen)
Flower girl serving tea and receiving her red packet
Baby Boy would rather drink the tea than serve it!
The youngest Nephew E happily receiving his red packet

May you be forever loving and blessed by our Lord Jesus always!

A very happy bride and groom at the end of a long day
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