Saturday 16 January 2016

Organising Lego Using Storage Boxes

Somewhere around the beginning of last year, I rekindled my love for Lego and bought a few boxes to play. Somehow it also sparked an interest in my girl and since then she has been clamouring for everyone to buy her Lego.

Initially I used to store them in Ziplock bags but soon we've got so many boxes that it started to get messy. Plus, it was very troublesome for my girl to play with the Lego as she had to pour it out of the Ziplock bags and pick up the pieces one by one (if she's not finished with it yet) to put it back in.

I had an idea to organise the Lego by putting them into boxes so that she can easily play out of the boxes and yet keep the pieces separate. As usual it was at Daiso where I found the perfect container that is big enough to store the pieces yet shallow enough for my girl to play directly out of the box.

Bought more than a dozen storage boxes from Daiso
(yup, we have a lot of Lego.. and I'm planning to buy more *grin*)

The boxes worked perfectly!

My girl happily playing with her Lego Friends collection straight out of the box
The lid is also used to store her Lego pieces while she's playing so that it will not be all over the place
(Of course this is not foolproof as kids being kids, certain pieces still get dropped or misplaced anyway.
Nevertheless, at least it is controlled!)

As usual, the OCD in me ensured that the boxes were correctly labelled with a cut-out of the box that the Lego came in so that you can identify its contents immediately (helps that the box from Daiso is transparent as well).

This box obviously contains Lego Friends =)
The boxes can either be stacked like the left or the right (I have more than what is shown here now haha).
For the OCD folks who noticed that one of the boxes is not labelled, I threw away the original Lego box before I came up with this idea unfortunately.

Whenever either I or the girl want to play with our Lego, we simply choose the one we liked from the stack! =)

Laying out the pieces of our newest box of Lego City on the lid
Girl and I divided the "work" between us
The finished product! =)
Girl and I were in charge of building it while my boy was in charge of playing with it. He loved it!

I found that this method really worked for us so I thought that I will share it with you. Hopefully it will work for you. Do you have any other ideas to organise Lego? Let me know!

*This post is part of my series on The Madeline Standard of Organisation
Read on for more of my practical and sometimes extreme tips for organising your life! =)
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