Sunday 17 March 2013

A Bread & Butter Wedding

The most creative of all my friends was getting married, in a bread-themed wedding. The reason for this unique choice of theme was due to the many breakfasts (i.e. roti & kopi) that the bride's then-boyfriend-now-husband bought her every morning when he was courting her.

Ever the artistic person that she is (she's an art teacher by the way), she handcrafted most of the decor herself. From the toaster ang pao (red packet) box to the tea bags "guestbook", every aspect was thoughtfully made to fit the theme. As usual, I was appointed the decor in-charge and was responsible for ensuring that her vision was immaculately executed by my strict standard of neatness =)

The Welcome Table
Left: Love her handmade toaster ang pao box and Mr & Mrs Bready made out of sponge (Talented ain't she?)
Right: Her "guestbook" was "tea bags" made from stringing labels onto small printouts of their wedding photos.
Guests were supposed to write their well-wishes at the back and drop them into a glass container =)
I love them so much that she is making a smaller pair just for me! Yay! =)

Even the corsages for the bridesmaids and groomsmen were specially handmade by her according to the theme!

Cute girl bread corsages for the bridesmaids

The aisle of the hall was lined with a red carpet, which was flanked with red rose petals on each side. White cloth were also tied around the chairs into a bow, with a stalk of her favourite pink daisy in the middle.

The beautiful aisle

To create the accent pieces, we placed a candlelight into each of the 8 TRYGG serving bowls that we bought from Daiso and IKEA respectively and scattered rose petals around it. We specially chose Daiso's battery-operated candles so that we did not have to worry about real flames dying out or burning a hole in the carpet. Cheap and practical =)

Close up on an accent piece

Following tradition, the bride and groom will be lighting their unity candle and having their first holy communion together as a couple after exchanging their vows. We decorated the tables simply with bunches of pink daisies.

Communion table (left) and unity candles table (right)

For the signing of the marriage certificate, we kept the table decorated only with pretty pink daisies. However, as she also designed cute little cartoons of Mr & Mrs Bready herself, I thought it would be cute to hang them on the chairs that they will sit at to sign their certificate.

Table for the Signing of the Marriage Certificate

I liked the cartoon bridal bread couple so much that I requested for my manicurist to paint them onto my nails specially for her wedding! =)

Mr and Mrs Bready on nails

When we were done with the decor, I scooted to the the back room to check in with the bride. She was wearing her white wedding gown and looked absolutely ravishing in it!

With the bride wearing her bridal gown with a never ending train

Then it was time for the bride to march in and for the couple to exchange their vows. My buddy is finally married! I'm soooo happy for you! =)

Exchange of vows and rings and a prayer of blessing for the couple

 Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Bready! 
May you have a blessed marriage full of peace, faith, hope and love ^_^

Taken at the wedding banquet held the next day

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding! I'm truly honoured to be called your friend. Love you babe =)
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