Friday 25 September 2015

Malacca II Day 2: Kid-Friendly Mahkota Parade

We went for breakfast at the hotel's cafe as breakfast for four is included in our room rate (which is only $60!). Because you get what you pay for, you would have to moderate your expectations if you're used to lavish 4 or 5 star accommodations. For the price we paid though, it really wasn't all that bad.

Drinks and cereal bar
Limited kids cutlery, which tends to get snapped up if you're late because big families like to stay at this hotel
(due to the family rooms)
Clockwise from left: Do it yourself egg station with only hard boiled eggs;
Food and bread corner (take note not to eat the bread without toasting it. I've seen some flies land on the bread a couple of times);
Drinks bar from another angle. 
Kids finishing their food

We finished our meal and continued part two of our breakfast (because the fussy hubby and mum-in-law didn't eat enough) at the famous Federal Ah Cheng Yong Tau Foo. There are two outlets, one 10 minutes away and the other 20 minutes away (the latter is the main outlet). We decided that since we still had time, we should visit the main outlet.

Clockwise from left: Do note that Ah Cheng Yong Tau Foo is closed on Thursdays;
Exterior of the restaurant;
Kids waiting impatiently (what's new?) for their food.
Clockwise from left: Choice of ingrdients;
Hubby and mum-in-law choosing their ingredients;
Chef cooks right at the front of the shop.
We ordered soup (left) and dry (right)

In our opinion, the dry noodles was tastier than the soup (which was ok but not great). Don't forget to order the fried tou kee from the staff! It's crispy and soft, definitely a must try! =)

Add caption

You can imagine how full we were when we left! Seriously, I think I ate too much! *grimace*

We continued to Mahkota Parade, which is one of the shopping malls located at Malacca town. We liked this mall for the many playgrounds found here to entertain our kids.

For one, Kidzooona is now opened in Mahkota Parade! Costing only RM10 on weekdays and RM17 on weekends for unlimited play per entry, this playground is awesome for entertaining the kids while the adults shopped till we dropped! Happiness for everyone! =)

Kidzooona, Mahkota Parade Level 2

I personally love this indoor playground because there were more than enough places for parents to sit and more than enough play areas for kids of different ages. The area was also properly padded to ensure the safety of the kids.

Clockwise from left: Baby Boy playing at the toddler corner;
Quite a nice toddler area for younger kids;
View of the playground from outside.
A cool 'hand print' toy that taught the kids about cause and effect

There was also a make-belief area where the kids can pretend to be doctors, sushi chefs and fruit stall sellers. Both of my kids had a blast and spent quite a bit of time hanging out there.

In the kitchen learning how to be a chef
Clockwise from left: A sushi chef;
A fruit stall seller;
A nurse.
Learning to work the cash register

The kids also loved the bouncy slides, ball pit and cars!

Clockwise from left: More seats for parents/caregivers;
Two bouncy slides!;
A selfie with Baby Boy!
A castle with ball pits and a slide
(My girl made fast friends with other girls at the playground)
Baby Boy inside the ball pit having a blast

Baby Boy loved 'driving' his own car!

While the kids played at Kidzooona, the hubby, mum-in-law and I took turns to watch them while the rest of us shopped. Man, shopping was wonderful! We stumbled upon newly opened Kaison and loved it for its cheap home furnishings. Paintings were going for SGD20 and really cool clocks were going for just SGD10! Cheap and good :)

Clockwise from left: Our baskets full of stuff for our first house!;
Pretty paintings and art;
Wall of wall clocks! I had so much trouble choosing because I love a lot. Had to limit myself to just 3..

We finally told the kids that we had to go after they literally spent 4.5 hours in the playground playing non-stop! And yet my girl complained it wasn't long enough! *jaw drop*

Since we wanted to grab a drink and rest after all the shopping, we decided to let my girl have a last hurrah at the playground at McDonald's on Level 1. If you're not willing to pay for the indoor playground, this one is free and not too bad! =)

McDonald's at Level 1
My girl enjoyed the playground even though it's quite small
Left: Girl and Ronald McDonald;
Right: Happily sliding down the slide

There's also a free playground at the food court in the top floor if McDonald's is not your thing =)

We had our dinner at Dragon-i to end the day.

Dragon-i at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Level 2
The sumptuous food we ordered

It was mid-autumn festival as well, which meant we only got our mooncakes (some double yolk) for just $20 per box!

We also got the famous crepe cake from Nadeje. There was a long queue for dine in so we decided to take away and eat at our hotel room.

The variety of cakes for sale at Nadeje
Eat cake and be merry!
Close up of the cake. One is tiramisu while the other is chocolate

The cake was really yummy! Can understand why everyone will queue for it. Think I ate too much *grrr*

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