Monday 6 October 2014

Malacca Day 3-4: Mahkota Parade

It's our last full day here in Malacca and we spent it at another megamall in the vicinity, Mahkota Parade.

Mahkota Parade

There's laser tag, bowling and even archery here (located on the 3rd floor)! =)

Pretend to be Katniss Everdeen (from the Hunger Games) anyone?

Girl begged us for a ride on one of those motorised bikes for kids, which the doting grandma gladly obliged.

Adults can ride along with the kids too!
Weeee! Faster Nai Nai (grandma) faster!
Daddy couldn't take how slow they were going and jumped in to take over from his mother

Girl had a blast! We continued on to the arcade located on the same floor.


This place totally reminds me of my childhood, playing in the arcades in Genting Highlands while the daddy gambled in the casinos!

Clockwise from left: Queuing up to buy the tokens, which cost only RM 1 (S$0.40) per token!;
Lots of rides for my kids
Girl on a seesaw with a strange clown
Baby Boy's first time on a ride solo;
We were so afraid that he will fall off or cry but he didn't. He loved it!
(Sister and I used to sit on this!! So nostalgic!)
My girl has always wanted to have someone accompany her on the rides and now, she has! =) 
Girl on this roundabout seat
(I used to love this ride when I was a child!)
Unlike his sister when she was his age, Baby Boy was unfazed by this helicopter ride! He loved it!
Cars and race horses

I'm impressed by this boy. He seems to like all moving vehicles, no matter whether it was a rocket, a car or a helicopter! =)

After we had finished our tokens, we proceeded to the mall's indoor playground located at the food court (it's free on weekdays and payable on weekends).

Fun4Kids indoor playground
(Dry playground)
Wet playground

Be prepared that the children from the wet playground would run over to the dry playground and make it wet. My girl got her whole skirt wet from sliding down the wet slides that she exclaimed loudly in frustration to her grandma, "I cannot play any more because the children naughty! They don't play in the wet playground, they come to this playground.. they are wet so they make the slides wet and my skirt is wet!!!"

The boys heard her complaining but they ignored her. Since it was time for dinner anyway, I told her to leave instead.She was very relunctant but knew she had no choice but to go.

We had initially wanted to have our lunch (more like afternoon tea) at the A&W at Dataran Pahlawan Megamall but when the hubby saw Dragon-i, a restaurant famous for its unique dim sum, we decided to postpone A&W to the next day! *laughs*

(located at Dataran Pahlawan Megamall Level 2)
We expected the Dragon-i drink to look exactly like the menu (left)
and were honestly disappointed to see a "dragon-less" drink when it arrived (right)
Clockwise from top left: Fried Hand Sliced La Mian with Sliced Beef in Pepper Sauce;
Shanghainese Fried La Mian with Shredded Meat and Cabbage;
Fried duck wrapped in Peking Duck style (a bit too dry for my taste);
Xiao Long Bao

Some of their more unique dishes include the mega-size "xiao long bao" and the extremely cute steamed piggy bao!

Steamed Meat Dumpling in Crab Roe Soup
Steamed Piggy Bun with Red Bean Paste and Lotus
We loved the piggy buns! They're soooo cute!!

As we were eating, we noticed a memorial building in the distance and went to check it out after our meal.

Interesting building that embodies the flavour of Malaysia

We were going to explore a bit more but the sun was beating down on us (lucky the kids were nicely sheltered in their City Select) so we retreated back to the comfort of the air-conditioned mall and hotel. Such a weather is perfect for a nice swim in the pool!

Swimming pool located on Level 12
(This is the kids pool, which includes mini fountains if your kid is into that)
Bright orange lounge chairs for relaxing in the sun
(If sun tanning is your thing)
Selfie with the girl
Swimming with the float on her own

Seeing how she had improved so much, I decided to take a leap of faith and got her to swim solo without the float. She was apprehensive at first but with much encouragement she did it! (Here's the video of the proud moment). Proud of her! =)

By nightfall, a haze has descended on Malacca and the night sky looked so blurry and grey!

Trying to enjoy our glasses of complimentary welcome drink at the Sky Lounge

I didn't want to get out of the hotel because of the haze but the family really wanted to eat at the seafood restaurant we had eaten at the day before (that's how much they loved the food).

Almost all the same dishes we had ordered the day before
Thai Fish Cakes
Cheese-baked or Spicy scallops
Grilled fresh prawns

With all these feasting, I don't know how I am going to lose weight! :S

The next morning we had our breakfast at Chatterz restaurant instead of the usual Sky Lounge.

Breakfast at Chatterz

The food selection was similar, except for freshly made pancakes (but both the girl and I thought the pancakes in Bangkok were better).

After 4 days of fun, it was finally time to pack up and go. We returned with a luggage full of stuff and lots of fun memories. We will definitely be back to visit the famous night market, chicken rice and Jonker Street! =)

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