Sunday 5 October 2014

Malacca Day 2: Melaka Wonderland

We had our breakfast this morning at the Alto Sky Lounge, which was exclusively provided for guests staying at the premier rooms.

Alto Sky Lounge

It was still very crowded though as it was Hari Raya.

Enjoying our breakfast
My breakfast of croissants and pastry as usual
(ain't no croissant like the ones in London though)
There are few photos of me and the kids because I'm the best photographer in the family so this one was a gem to me =)

We prepared our swim gear and headed out to the nearest water park in the area. There were no public taxis available as it was Hari Raya so we ended up paying more for a private taxi (cost us RM100 for a return trip). We were happy to pay though as at least we know that a taxi will be waiting for us when we needed to head back (otherwise we might be stranded!).

Twenty minutes later, we arrived at Melaka Wonderland, a small little water park located next to Melaka Bird Park.

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort

Our tickets cost us approximately S$13 per adult and S$11 per child (ticket prices here), which I thought was pretty affordable.

Changing block

We changed and put our stuff into the lockers before heading for the slides!

Kids playground with a lot of slides!
Girl is a big scaredy cat so this baby slide was her favourite -_- (left);
Boy is terrified of slides! Poor boy.. (right)

I can't wait to get my ass down the water slides as I missed it when we were at Legoland Malaysia Water Park last year (was pregnant with Baby Boy). We rented a float which cost us RM20 (RM10 for the rental and RM10 for the deposit) in order to go on the bigger slides.

Of all the slides, we had to pick the tallest and scariest to go on first; climbed up 5 storeys to get to the top!
They said they got stuck and almost didn't make it out!
Gushing water from the boarding area
This slide is a lot less thrilling but just as fun
Slides for mats, just like the good ole Big Splash
I was apprehensive at first because it looked really high up! Tried it and loved it! One of my favourites!
This slide was not high but it was quite steep; we each had a turn and had fun :)

It's great to be a kid again (though we could no longer climb up to the slides like we used to; we were so exhausted)!

Although I would have loved to continue, the hubby and brother-in-law were too tired so we decided to join my mum-in-law and the kids for some snacks.

While the mum-in-law and hubby went to buy food, the brother-in-law was watching the girl and I was struggling to breastfeed my boy under a towel in my swim suit, we lost our float!! Someone stole it despite the fact that there were 2 life guards standing around!! *argg*

We tried to communicate with the lifeguards for help but as they didn't understand English and we didn't understand Malay (hubby and I really should learn Malay!), we couldn't quite get our points across.

Deciding eventually that the RM10 deposit was really not worth our effort, we gave up and continued with what we were doing. I was in a foul mood though as I had really wanted to slide the slides a few more times and enjoy it in the wave pool :(

Despite the incident ruining our mood, we still managed to have fun relaxing in the wave pool.

Enjoying ourselves in the wave pool
Brought along this waterproof bag given to us by the sister to put all our valuables in (left);
We tied it to Baby Boy's float so that we didn't need to hang on to it. Smart right? *laughs*

After just 4 hours at the water park, the kids were sleepy and the adults were exhausted; it was time to go. We changed and boarded our cab back to Hatten Hotel.

We took a quick shower back in our hotel room before heading out for a very late lunch as we were famished! A random restaurant in the distance with a large crab on its signboard caught the hubby's eye. "Seafood!" he exclaimed and pranced his way there, almost forgetting that his wife was pushing a large stroller with 2 kids in the middle of a busy street (-_-").

Zhong Tai Restaurant
(We only found out that this restaurant is pretty famous after we sat down)
Clockwise from left: Fresh orange juice for me, complements the seafood nicely;
We loved the taste of this unique vegetable dish called Green Dragon Leaf (Qing Long Cai) that we just discovered!;
Our favourite fried tang hoon with prawns (this dish is hands down tastier in Bangkok)
Fresh crab fried with bee hoon
(The owner replenish their seafood twice a day so you can be assured that it's fresh!)
Grilled, salted fish (can't remember the name), the big winner for the meal. It was very fresh, juicy and of the right texture. Our family loved it!

By the time our stomachs were filled, everyone was sleepy and returned to the hotel for a long nap; well, everyone except for the shopaholic mum-in-law and I. We pushed the 2 napping kids in our stroller and went shopping downstairs! =)

We shopped for almost 4 hours until the boys complained that we were gone for so long and they were hungry again! *laughs*

We had dinner, bought groceries, and spent the rest of the night watching TV and playing with the kids. Fun times =)

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