Sunday 20 October 2013

A New Water Park Opens at Legoland Malaysia!

My girl and I love Lego and water parks so we were extremely excited to be invited to the media preview of the new Legoland Malaysia Water Park, which will be opened to the public on 21 Oct 2013.

I managed to convince the less-than-excited hubby to take us by car (directions here) and he only relented for the sake of his precious baby girl. We arrived after enduring almost an hour at the customs (and complaining about the efficiency of customs officers..>_<) and were just a little cranky. But we soon cheered up when we were greeted by the bright colours of Legoland.

Entrance to Legoland Water Park

There is a separate entrance to the water park as it is not connected to the main Legoland. We got our tickets and proceeded to the locker rooms to get changed and store our valuables.

Locker storage system

We were introduced to a biometric Access Terminal where we had to register with our fingerprints and pay RM20 for a whole day rental of a small locker. For some reason the biometric system didn't really work for us as we couldn't assess it with the hubby's fingerprint later.

Anyway, my girl started to get impatient and started bugging us to get going.. so we did!

Excited to explore the water park!
Beautiful weather

I was praying for good weather today as I didn't want to disappoint my girl who was looking forward to this the whole week and God answered our prayers.. the weather was perfect! =)

Our first stop was the Joker Soaker playground!

Huge playground structure
Joker Soaker
Lots of kiddy slides here!

There were rides for preschool and primary school kids but definitely not for little babies as there were occasional torrential spill from a 300-gallon bucket (which scared my girl a little!).

My girl didn't really like the big playground so we made our way to Build-a-Raft River next.

Build-a-raft River

It was just like the lazy river at Jurong East Swimming Complex, except with soft Lego blocks floating down the river.

Floating down the river in a twin float
Collecting lego blocks along the way
Attempting to build the tallest wall!
She managed to build a wall so tall, it was taller than her! =)

She loved building her "raft" so much that we floated down the river many times! And we weren't complaining as we didn't have to do anything except laze around =)

Not long later we became super hungry and made our way to exchange our food vouchers for some food! I was so hungry that I just put food in my mouth sometimes without even knowing what I was eating! =(

Thank God for the vouchers as the food here is relatively expensive!
Legoland fries holder

The food wasn't too bad in terms of taste but the hubby griped that there were only 2 cafes to choose from so the queues were really long! After lunch, we explored DUPLO Splash Safari, which is a play area for little babies and toddlers.

Splash Safari
Baby slides for littler kids

You can get a glimpse of the new Legoland Hotel, which is likely to be opened early next year, in the background.

And while the daddy spends time with his girl, I went to check out the bigger slides.

Red Rush
(Relatively short slide for 4 people)
Group and single rides
Cute Lego-inspired signboards
(of course it says pregnant women can't ride)
Lego Slide Racers

I was really bumped that I couldn't ride any of these slides! Tried to convince the hubby to try them but he didn't want to do it alone.

So it was back to the Lego Wave Pool with my girl, who loved this part of the park the best!

Having fun in the Lego Wave Pool
Swimming in the waves with a life jacket provided by the park
Self Family Shot

She got so many blisters and cuts but she didn't care as she was having so much fun! When we finally felt we have had enough and it was time to go, she gave us the most disappointed look that I've ever seen!

"Please mummy! Can I go back inside the pool? One more time? Please?!?"

We knew better than to stay on as 1) we were all dead tired, 2) it was time for her nap and 3) it looked like it was going to rain.

And what did you know, not long after we finished showering and made it to the nearby shopping centre did it rain really heavily! Thank God we were not caught in the rain!

We had an awesome time and all of us got sunburnt despite putting on sunblock. Definitely will be back when the Legoland Hotel opens next year! =)

P.S: Check out our first visit to Legoland and again during Christmas. Please also visit MADPSYCHMUM TRAVELS for the rest of my travel itineraries! =)

Disclosure: An invitation to this event & complimentary tickets were received from LEGOLAND® Malaysia for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions and text are my own.
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