Thursday 24 October 2013

Embracing Talent, Not Just Academic Excellence

In a country that pursues academic excellence like it is the ultimate goal in life (it is not!), I sometimes feel pressured to do the same.

However, after interviewing many young candidates for internships at work, I realised that having good results is not the most important thing that we look for when deciding on who to engage. Some of the most brilliant candidates with the best results ended up being rejected by us because they also had the lousiest attitude. They thought that just because they are smart, they are entitled to get whatever they want! Well sorry to disappoint you, my friend, results are not everything.

That's when I came to this conclusion: I don't just want my girl to only pursue academic excellence, I want her to embrace talent and develop character. To learn how to lose to others and still maintain a great attitude; or be unafraid to fail as victors are those who never give up!

Although my girl may not be the smartest in class, or know how to read (yet), she is a genius in her own way! Well, there are definitely 2 things my girl is extremely talented at:

1) Eating
Yes, eating! I know what you are thinking, "well, everyone can eat!" True, but not everyone can differentiate between expensive and inexpensive food at just 6 months old!

She's so good at it that this becomes a regular occurrence with us:
"Is the food good?" a friend asks me. "I don't know, let me run it through my Food Critic." I replied, feeding it to my girl. She swallows, smiles and asks for more. "It's good!" I declared. And true enough, it was! =)

Her palate is so sensitive, she can tell if something is overcooked or under-cooked, even by a little bit! I half suspect the recent improvements in my mum-in-law's cooking had a lot to do with her! *laughs*

2) Singing
People, even strangers. often comment that my girl can speak really well! And while it is true that she can speak in paragraphs before most kids can walk, I think this is mostly translated to her love for singing!

Her school concert in November is fast approaching and she has been fervently practicing. I'm really looking forward to see her perform on stage for the first time! =)

What is your child's talent?

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DisclosureThis is a sponsored story on behalf of Dutch Lady SingaporeAll opinions and text are my own.
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