Sunday 13 October 2013

Batam III: Eat, Play & Shop

I had wanted one last overseas trip before I gave birth and since the family wasn't too keen on having me fly (even though I was given the go-ahead by my OBGYN), we compromised on a short weekend trip to Batam.

She was excited to finally have her own luggage (which she shared with me)

As usual we boarded a Batam Fast ferry at Harbourfront Cruise & Ferry Terminal and took only 45 minutes to arrive at Batam Center Ferry Terminal.

Welcome to Batam

The hubby had booked the brand new Harris Hotel, which was located right next to the ferry terminal so we only need to walk to get there.

Harris Hotel
The familiar orange and green colours that represented Harris
Our room
Similar layout to the Harris Resorts
The toilet
We asked for a connecting room between ours and the mum-in-law, which made it easier for us to take care of my girl
I liked that they had installed an universal electrical plug on top of the plug that we are used to in Singapore

For approximately S$60 per room per night, it was pretty value for money we thought. Plus the hotel was just across the road from Mega Mall Batam Centre, where we spent most of our trip doing nothing but eat, play and shop! And we ended up having more fun than we had all anticipated =)

Mega Mall Batam Centre


Some of our favourites include the seafood restaurant at the 4th floor (can't remember the name) and surprisingly, Black Canyon Coffee.

Black Canyon Coffee
Kids spaghetti was nicer than expected (my girl loved it!)

As usual, we also wanted to eat at A&W but were disappointed to find out that they no longer served root beer on the menu!

Waffles and Fanta float (instead of root beer..)

Imagine having to drink Fanta float instead.. really weird. Thankfully the waffles and curly fries were still as good as we remembered them!


We were delighted to find out that Timezone at level 3 was offering a promotion, for every Rp100,000 (S$11) purchase, you get another Rp100,000 free!

Timezone @ Mega Mall

To make things sweeter, most of the rides were at an affordable Rp1500 (S$0.20) per ride!

Swipe your card and play!
Many different machines for everyone in the family!
She got on soooo many rides, she looked bored by the time she was done with the 30th one! *laughs*
This drive-it-yourself bug car ride costs only Rp15,000 (S$1.50)
Car racing!
Pirate ship game to kill mummies moves as you play! Hubby said it was the best game in the house =)
Carousel cost only Rp10,000 (S$1.10) per ride (adults ride free)
She rode it almost everyday that we were there!
There were also bumper cars which were also Rp 15,000 (S$1.50) per car
Everyone had loads of fun!
Finally, girl wanted to play at the indoor playground
Costs only Rp35,000 (S$4) per child for unlimited play
She spent an astonishing 40 minutes inside while the rest of us played other games outside =)

All of us had loads of fun playing and recreating the memories of our childhood when our own parents would bring us to the arcade and play.

I had also always wanted to bring my girl to sit on the train that roamed the 3rd floor on our last trip to Batam but it was no longer there. Instead, it was replaced by a much smaller caterpillar train, which my girl was still interested to ride (cost Rp 10,000 | S$1.10 per person).

Here we go!
Meant for only 3 people

It was a super boring ride though and both came back looking really sleepy and bored. Probably won't be riding it again.

Finally, we also had fun swimming at the small pool.

Swimming at the hotel


It so happened many of the shops were having sales so we managed to buy 3 sets of Carter one-piece, jackets and pants at just S$14 each, 1 set of Chelsea jersey and shorts at S$29 and a pair of baby Adidas shoes (hubby's favourite purchase) at just S$22!

Clothes and shoes for my little boy

Mum-in-law bought some clothes and even a pot as it was on sale. She had a blast shopping and even complained that we should stay one more day so that she can have more time to shop >.<

On the last night we travelled out of the area by cab (Rp80,000 | S$9) to Golden Prawn for our favourite seafood dinner.

Golden Prawn
Mum-in-law and my girl

Not sure if it's because it was the weekend but by the time we reached, only the small and tiny prawns were left! Nevertheless we really enjoyed the rest of our seafood which included crab, shellfish, fish and crayfish. We spent about S$120, which was pretty ok considering all the live seafood that we ate.

My girl looked at me with great sadness when it finally came time to go! I think she didn't expected our trip to be so short!

Staring longingly at Batam before our ferry left the terminal

We'll definitely be back again next year, this time with another little baby ^_^


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