Wednesday 19 December 2012

Biggest Lego Xmas Tree at Legoland Malaysia!

We were off to Legoland Malaysia again because I liked it so much the 1st time we were there for the media preview. This time however, I brought along my mum and bro who are just as much Lego fans as I am. We decided to drive after hearing how easy it was to reach Legoland via the 2nd Link.

2nd Link @ Tuas

And it was indeed really easy! After clearing customs and the toll booths (ensure you have a Touch'n'Go card with you), continue driving straight until Nusajaya Exit 312. Then follow the brown Legoland signs all the way to Legoland.

Although my brother had just gotten his license 1 month ago, he was totally up for the challenge of driving in a foreign land. And I have to say, his driving skill was very good! We arrived there without much difficulty =)

Look at the crowd!

As it was the school holidays, the queue for the tickets was so long that you can't even see the end of the line! Thankfully we were invited as a member of the media and therefore could enter without having to queue *whew*

Our first stop was the biggest Lego Christmas tree in Asia made entirely with 427,695 Duplo Lego bricks!

Asia's tallest LEGO Christmas tree

It took about 10 weeks just to build it and is 9 metres in height. Very pretty eh? I heard it looks even better at night but we didn't get to see it as we left the themepark way before the sky turned dark =)

We continued on to the main attraction of Legoland (to me at least!), Miniland! Unlike the 1st time we were here, the skies were cloudy and just the perfect weather to be viewing the Lego exhibits.

Mini Singapore River

This was also the first time my mum, bro and Girlee were seeing it in person and they absolutely loved it. The following photos of Miniland were taken by my talented photographer brother using my Olympus EP1 (awesome camera in my opinion ^-^).

Taken using the miniature effect.. very cool right?
Almost looks like the real thing doesn't it?

As I mentioned before, the draw of Miniland is its accurate representation of the iconic structures as well as its interactivity. My girl was amazed by the moving buses, trains, boats, ships and even tiny water fountains. "Look mummy, the bus is moving!" she exclaimed.

The bus actually stops at busstops and gives way if another bus crosses its path. Way cool!
Love the intricate details and effort put into each and every structure

I think its suffice to say my brother and I would have been happy just walking around Miniland and snapping pictures for the rest of the day! =)

We finally left not because we got bored, but because our hungry stomachs were calling out to us! We thus headed to Imagination where we had pasta at Pizza Mania.

Imagination land

I took the opportunity to check out the nursing room (as usual.. *laughs*) and discovered the 'Oscar' of all nursing rooms! If someone were to be compiling a list of nursing rooms (wait, that's right.. someone did! *laughs*), this would be at the top of that list.

This nursing room has everything a parent needs to take care of their baby or toddler:
Nursing cubicles, baby rockers, microwave, water dispensers, bottle warmers,
high chairs & diaper-changing stations.
It also has an awesome waiting area where older siblings can be entertained while waiting

There is even a staff stationed at the entrance to ensure that the room is used only by parents and not abused. I almost wished I had brought along a baby with me so that I could enjoy the room for longer.. *laughs*. It was truly heavenly! =)

Why can't all nursing rooms be like this? I don't even think there is any in Singapore that comes even close to this.. =(

Anyway, as it started to drizzle, we took shelter at the theatre to watch a 4D mini-movie. My girl was mesmerized by the show entirely and hardly took her eyes off the screen! =)

After the show, we continued on to Duplo Playtown to ride Girlee's favourite train.

The Duplo Express!

They allowed the parents to board the train too! I think both of us had loads of fun =)

We could have stayed there longer had it not been time for Girlee's nap, which was long overdue. Despite her protests that she "still want to play", she fell asleep immediately the moment her head hit the stroller!

I thought we should queue up for some of the rides while she slept but the brother was insistent on exploring the whole of Legoland first before choosing a ride as the queues were ridiculously long! I finally agreed that spending an hour queuing for a 5-minute ride did indeed warrant some sort of research to be conducted so off we went to explore the rest of the park.

We made a stop at Build & Test as I've heard so many good things about this place but did not manage to visit the last time we were here.

Build something with Lego and then test what you have built!

You can either build a car with Lego and then race them to see who has built the fastest car or build a building and see if can withstand the shaking of an "earthquake". Very cool!

After exploring the rest of Legoland (which you can read more about in my previous post), we narrowed down the 3 rides that we thought were worth queuing up for: 1) The Dragon at Lego Kingdom, 2) Project X at Lego Technic and 3) Dino Island at Land of Adventure.

And since the water ride seemed like the least scary of the 3, we decided to queue for Dino Island.

Dino Island boat ride

The queue moved surprisingly faster than expected and we were done after just 30 minutes, which was considered pretty fast compared to the queuing time for other rides. It was pretty thrilling and the brother even said it was better than the boat ride at USS.

And with that, we ended the day with a splash (literally *laughs*)! I was a little disappointed that I couldn't ride on most of the rides but took comfort in the fact that it is another reason to come back again next year! =)

We decided not to stay on too late so as to avoid the jam going home, which was also very easy (just drive along the road that leads out of Legoland and then follow the sign "Tuas" until you reach the 2nd Link).

Our only group photo =)

Many thanks to Legoland for the invitation and to my brother for willingly being the designated driver! We had an awesome time! =)

P.S: Check out our first visit to Legoland and the new Legoland water park. Please also visit my Travel Page for my travel itineraries! =)

Disclosure: Complimentary entrance tickets were received from LEGOLAND® Malaysia for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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