Sunday 16 December 2012

The City, A Playground at Liang Court

If you haven't already heard, there's a new playground in town. But unlike other indoor playgrounds that are focused on expanding your child's energy, The City looks to expand your child's knowledge and imagination. Here, you can be anything and everything that you want to be!

The minute we're done with the registration, my girl dashed to the big kitchen in the middle of the room where she was transformed into a culinary chef.

Chef Girlee working in her dream kitchen!
It even has a dish drainer =)

My girl is a big fan of kitchens and sinks so this station was definitely one of her favourites. I had to drag her out of there after a while in order to explore the rest of the place!

There were many other stations where you could take on different occupations. For instance, you can pretend to be a teacher in a classroom.

Pretending to be a teacher and drawing on the whiteboard

My girl loves to mimic her teachers and order her paternal grandmother around at home so this was really fun for her. Unfortunately, as I was too worried that she might draw on everything else except the whiteboard (plus there weren't any willing "students" available), we had to move on quickly to the post office located just next door.

Posting a letter at the post office!

I helped Girlee to write a letter to her paternal grandmother and she learned how to post it. And that's all we did because there were not many props at this station. I wished that they had included a postman's outfit with a postman bag though as that would have made this station a lot more fun.

Next was the hairdressing salon, every girly girl's heaven.

Helping her to curl whatever little hair she has got! *laughs*

She didn't spend too much time here as she doesn't like to have stuff in her hair. It was also the same at the police station.

Wearing her police outfit and patrolling the neighbourhood

She's still too young to know how to steer properly (but at least she tried to ride it when ordinarily she wouldn't even get on) and therefore lost interest after going only one round around the track.

Her attention was captivated by the many dolls found in the clinic, where she got to dress up as either a doctor or a nurse. Girlee chose the latter..

The NURSE is IN!
Nurse Girlee Nightingale takes great care of her patients =)
(Really can't get enough of the cute outfits! *swoon*)

She spent a significant amount of time looking after this baby, putting on her diapers, giving her a change of clothes and feeding her (sadly, the rest were ignored!). She looked so serious it was really fun for me to watch. After a while, I thought it would be fun for her to change into the doctor's outfit too but she refused! That was surprising as the pockets had so many fun doctor's equipment in it, you would think she will be all up for it.

We heard some commotion in the station next door and popped by to take a look. The supermarket was buzzing with chattering little customers!

The shopping carts look just like the real thing!
"Yay! Finally a supermarket that's MY size!"
"Hmmm which milk should I buy?.."

I thought it would have been better if the shelves were labelled clearly so that 1) children can learn the names of the items and, 2) it would be a great help to whoever is packing the shelves (yes I know, my OCD is acting up again *laughs*).

My girl had an awesome time choosing what to put into the cart and then checking out the items herself.
Mummy helped to unload the cart while Girlee scans the items

After that, I got her to pretend to be a supermarket packer and return the items she "bought" back to the shelves! She loved the experience so much, she went through the cycle again =)

When I got bored after a while, I persuaded her to go explore something else. She decided that she would like to sit at the cafe (which was conveniently located beside the kitchen) and have tea while I was supposed to serve her.

There's nothing like chilling out at a cafe with a friend

She really loves baby Calla a lot.. but maybe a little too much as she tended to squeeze Calla's hand with a little too much force -_-.

When she was finally bored with tea, I got her to pack up (as she took the liberty while I was chatting with other mums to mess up the cafe!) and we moved on to the dress-up corner. There were many outfits to choose from but I chose this princess one for my girl to wear =)

I pretty not?

She was actually very reluctant to try it on but I insisted so she gamely put it on (although it was really too big for her). I found some happiness in seeing her looking like a princess, you see =)

The final station was the superhero corner.

You can be a superhero too!

Superheroes like to help people in need so since our friend Poppy wanted a tunnel that was tall enough for her to walk through, we were more than happy to be of assistance! Did we succeed?

Why, certainly we did! =)

My girl loved this place so much that I had to force her to leave, which was surprising considering that she woke up at 7am and hadn't had lunch yet! Normally she would have been super grumpy by now so I was amazed that she was not. It really goes to show how much she truly enjoyed the playground!

However, although there were a lot of fun things to play with, I thought there could be more props and more outfits available. If more children are expected to play in the same area, there may not be enough of toys and outfits to go around.

In addition, there should be a lot more staff than the 2 that were on duty that day. One was in charge of the counter and only one was watching out for the children, which to me is really not sufficient. This is especially since the main door is not fenced up, the security of the children could be compromised as they could easily run out. It is preferable that there be at least 1 staff overseeing 2 stations (ideally 1 staff at each station) to make the experience more enjoyable for both the child and the parents.

This playground is suitable for younger children ages 2-7 years old but not for older children as they would be too tall for most of the toys and might even find them extremely boring. It is also not suitable for kids who are more action-oriented and thrill-seeking.

Nevertheless, despite its weaknesses, I think we will definitely be back as my girl had a blast! She loves it and I guess that's what really matters at the end of the day =)


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Disclosure: An invitation to their opening was received from The City for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions and text are my own.
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