Saturday 22 December 2012

Marriage, It Takes Two

Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?

When I got married and went to live with my husband and in-laws at their house, we've got a lot of decisions to make. No matter whether it is for the wedding, the furnishings for our room (and you know how particular I am right? *laughs*) or my pregnancy, the hubby and I had a lot of opinions on it.

No longer can you decide anything on your own. You've got to consider the other's opinion. And it got even more complicated when our baby girl came along.

"Shall we buy this pink Maclaren? It's so cute!" I told the hubby one day when we were shopping for a stroller.

"Don't want lah.. Ferrari nicer." he replied.

Our disagreement went on for a while. I wanted the umbrella Maclaren stroller while he wanted the full-sized Ferrari stroller (which I complained was too big!). We eventually came to a compromise and bought the umbrella Ferrari stroller, which was selling at a discounted price.

It's often not easy to come to a mutually agreed compromise but it is truly the key to making decisions together. It's sometimes easier (and less time consuming!) to just agree with the other for agreement's sake but that's not healthy for any relationship.

Marriage takes two.

Two to agree, two to love, and two to walk on this journey called life forever.. hand in hand =)

Lifebuoy understands the importance of strong marriages.

Disclosure: This is Part 4 of a series of sponsored stories on behalf of Lifebuoy Singapore. All opinions & text are my own.
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