Tuesday 25 December 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It is everyone's favourite time of the year.. Christmas! And as usual, we had so many celebrations with friends and family =)

First up was a Christmas dinner with my girlfriends.

Christmas decorations at Ion Orchard

We decided to eat at 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken, which was located at Basement 4 of Ion Orchard. Apparently their food is to die for so the queue was extremely long and all of the tables were occupied. Thankfully we managed to get a seat and when we finally got our food, I was starving!

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
Burger with curly fries

Luckily for the person who suggested the place *ahem*, the food was awesome! Definitely worth the wait. Had a great time of catching up with the gals =)

The next day, I took half day leave to join my girl for her last day of school at GUG. They were having their Christmas party too and all the kids came uber dressed up.

She's the youngest here but it doesn't look like it at all.
With her favourite teachers
Time for gift exchange!
Girlee's first class photo! Well sort of.. since the boys refused to join in for some reason -_-

My girl really learnt a lot ever since she started school and I'm glad to see that she really enjoy her time there =)

Our next party was our cell group's Christmas & thanksgiving party held at a fellow member's place. The theme for this year was Starry Starry Night so all of us came dressed in something with stars on it. But Girlee's daddy insisted that she wore the Santarina outfit that he bought from Japan.

She only wore it for the pictures because it wasn't really comfortable

We also had a lot of firsts for our party this year. It was the first time we decided to cater from Mrs P.

Tasty food from Mel's Kitchen

And also the first time we decided to conduct our gift exchange in a different way. I like to call it "Shooting for the Stars".. literally!

Customised dart board

The rules of the gift exchange were as follows: first place your gift with your name on it in a prominent position on the table.

Gifts for the gift exchange and Best Dressed

Then write your name on one of the stars on the board. And then all you need to do is shoot a dart at the name of the person whose present you want! Easy right?

Although the board didn't really work very well (the darts did not stick as easily as I expected it to), everyone had fun! =)

Now I have to go and rack my brains for another ingenius idea for next year.. *laughs*

Lastly (well not really lastly.. we had a lot more dinners after that but there're too many to include here), I had my first Christmas dinner with my colleagues held at RS Deli.

RS Deli
Gifts from our gift exchange!

Although I wasn't feeling well, I had a lot of fun. The food served here is a fusion of Malay and Western style and it was really good!

Chicken burger with satay sauce

Even though I was really sick and the staff took a long time to serve our meal, I was really satisfied with our lunch overall =)

Christmas this year feels longer than usual with our Hokkaido trip and long weekends these 2 weeks till New Years Day. Why can't it be Christmas all year? *laughs*

How did you spend your Christmas?

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