Thursday 27 December 2012

The Angry Birds Invasion of Changi Airport

HELP! Changi Airport has been invaded.. by Angry Birds! =)
Angry Birds Space Lounge
We were invited to the opening of the Angry Birds Space Lounge located at Terminal 3 a month ago but didn't manage to visit till now. Thankfully, they were nice enough to allow us to check out the place even though we arrived unannounced.

The moment my girl was allowed to run loose inside the play area, she rushed straight to the trampoline and tried to jump up and down. She couldn't really do it without assistance though.. she really ain't as nimble as other kids her age. I wonder where she got that from.. certainly not from me! *laughs*
Jump, jump, jump!
She ran next to the huge ball pit at the opposite end of the play area and jumped right in.
Lots and lots of balls!
It was so deep that she got stuck halfway and had to be pulled out. But then no sooner had she crawled her way out did she jump right back in! She had a blast but I think the staff who helped her in and out of the ball pit probably did not enjoy it as much *laughs*

And then the hubby's job hazard kicked in and he started telling me how ball pits harboured the most amount of bacteria as it's hard to clean and everything gets trapped in it.. which finally got me concerned enough to call out to my girl to explore the slide instead.
Little slide
Although it's just a small slide, my girl loved it! She went down again and again and again.. until the bell rang for all the kids to exit in order to make way for the next batch of children.
The other half of the play area
The nice thing about this play area was that there were more than enough staff around to help the children should they need it. They were also on hand to ensure everyone followed the rules and everything ran smoothly. In addition, the place was also regularly sprayed with disinfectant every hour, which according to the hubby "helps a bit lah, better than nothing".

The bad thing was that the play area is simply too small and congested. Although the staff tried to control the crowd by limiting the number of children who entered it at any given time, children still brushed past each other as they ran from one place to another. There were also not enough play structures to occupy the older children, especially if your child is used to the big playgrounds of Polliwogs.
Yes, I had fun!
Nevertheless, I think my girl had lots of fun and wanted to go back again. I suppose her opinion is the one that really counts isn't it? =)


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