Friday 9 September 2011

Waterplay at Jurong East Swimming Complex

I've always wanted to bring baby girl to my favourite water playground since I was young: Jurong East Swimming Complex! We decided to take a MRT to Chinese Garden Station and walk for approximately 10 minutes to the complex.

Walking towards the complex with baby just awaken from her nap

I chose not to bring the stroller as I didn't want to have to look after it when we're there. But that turned out to be a wrong decision as carrying a 10kg baby while she slept on my shoulder nearly broke my back. And I'm not even joking..

So you can imagine how happy I was when we finally reached our destination.

Jurong East Sports Complex
Jurong East Swimming Complex

My Sis, Bro and our cousins used to come here for great water fun for a really affordable price! It only costs $1.50 per adult and $0.80 per child (persons under 19 years old) on weekdays and only slightly more on weekends.

We quickly changed in the toilets and kept all our belongings in the lockers. The lockers only cost $0.40 per locker and this had remained the same since we were kids!

Beside the lockers is a counter where you can rent floats at just $2 per float! Cheap eh! However, you'll need to pay $5 per float as the additional $3 would only be refunded after the safe return of the float.

My bro filling out a stub to rent the floats

After renting our floats, we decided to introduce baby girl to the children's water playground. However, she's still too young for it so all she did was wade around a little bit.

Checking out the water fun!

We decided to skip the slides because, 1) baby girl is too young obviously and 2) the rest of us were too old, or rather, too lazy to climb up the 'tower'.

So what do lazy people do? Why, hang out at the lazy river of course!

Floating down the lazy river

Initially baby girl really enjoyed riding down the river in the above shown manner (i.e. on top of the float). But she soon realised that she was never going to get really wet this way and attempted to jump right into the river! Totally not kidding.

Me: "OMG! Baby, what are you doing?! Do you think you can swim already? No no no!"
Baby Girl (still struggling to get into the water): "Yeah yeah.."
Passerby swimmers (laughing and pointing): "Ohh look, so cute!"

Yes, that's how much she loves the water! So I had little choice but to get off the float and go through the middle of it so that baby girl and I can have half our bodies in the water. You would think she would be scared by the current, but noooo.. she loved it! Parents floating by us were half astonished and half worried that she would drop through the hole of the float right into the water.

Before you judge me, you must know that the float fitted around both of us pretty tightly and her mummy is a pretty good swimmer. There were times where I had to stop the float in the middle of its drift to wait for my mum who was lagging behind and yet I was able to hold my position for more than 5 minutes.

So before you go and try this with your own kid, you gotta know that it ain't that easy but really really fun for both you and your baby =)

In addition to the lazy river, there is also a wave pool in this swimming complex!

Wave pool at Jurong East Swimming Complex

At first we were bobbing around in our floats but then I decided to do without it and let her just play with the waves. Baby girl loved it! She did, however, have a problem with the constant splashes of sprouting water onto her face and soon got tired.

When we went back to the lazy river later, she nearly fell asleep on my mother's lap while their float drifted down. That was our cue that it was time to go..

And although baby girl was dead tired, she left extremely happy and satisfied.

"Mummy that was fun!! Can we come again? Please?!"

Just like her mummy, her aunts and uncles before her, baby girl loved this place! As did her grandma, who said it was even more fun than Sunway Lagoon! *laughs*

We'll definitely be back! =)


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