Tuesday 13 September 2011

Nursing Rooms Review Criteria

If you've been following me for some time, you would know that I'm so super pro-breastfeeding that I live it and breathe it all the time. Sometimes to a point where singletons get creeped out and some mothers get annoyed (ah well..)

Add that to my love of window shopping at various malls and you'll get an awesome review of nursing rooms in Singapore & beyond (which was also featured on SingaporeMummy)!

I'm sure you're wondering how I came up with the ratings, which I can assure you is not dependent on my feelings. I'm a researcher. Objective assessment is in my blood, so of course you'd have to expect some sort of judging criteria as befitting of a true scientist.

Criteria for Nursing Room Assessment
The criteria is based on my knowledge of what nursing mothers need and want as I'm a nursing mother myself.
  • We need lots of room so that we won't bump into other mothers.
  • We need lots of amenities, such as electrical points (for mothers who pump milk), hot & cold water dispensers, a waiting area for family and friends, etc.
  • We need the nursing areas to be separated from the changing area so that different mothers with different needs are able to utilise the nursing room at the same time.
  • We need beautiful decorations to look at and adequate cleanliness without the smell of poo.
  • We need enough privacy so that we can feed our babies in peace without the fear that someone might walk in on us.
  • We need more than one available nursing room as waiting for the one and only nursing room in the whole building while your baby is screaming for milk will just drive anybody crazy.

[P.S. To the Management Committee of shopping malls: If you could design future nursing rooms that can better cater to the needs of nursing mothers and parents of young babies, we parents will definitely greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and in turn give you our support!]

Each nursing room that I visit is rigorously judged using said list. After adding up the points, a rating (between 1 to 5 stars) is then given.

Rating System for Nursing Room Assessment

And there you have it! =)
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