Sunday 12 October 2014

Seven Guilty Pleasures (II): Frivolous Purchases

As you know by now (I know, I'm very lo-soh; I can repeat the same thing again and again..), I constantly try to find time for myself. Last year, I shared seven of my guilty pleasures that I indulge in. This year, I find myself at it again, this time buying more goods than services =)

SEVEN Frivolous Guilty Purchases:

1) Lego

It all started when my son was sick (more on that in a future post) and I had to take child care leave to bring him to see the doctor. As all working mums will know, work started to pile up and I found myself stressed out, having to juggle work and family demands. Blogging used to be one of my outlets to release stress but unfortunately, staring at the computer put stress on my eyes and gave me headaches (so I try to minimise blogging when I'm stressed).

I don't know how or when but one day I managed to get my hands on one box of Lego when Isetan was having a sale.
Lego City Caravan
(Bought at Isetan at 10% discount)
Lego really put a lot of thought into their toys;
look the door can open and there is storage in the roof

I loved being able to put everything aside and focus on building. I got hooked on it and, as you know if you follow me on Instagram, bought more. A lot more!

Clockwise from left: I got the biggest box of Lego (the enormous train) when Toy's Hunt was having storewide 20% discount!;
Mum managed to ask her friend to help buy the exclusive Shell Lego (since we can't pump Shell) for me!;
The Fire Engine and Fire Fighter from the Lego City Starter Set

People always think that I'm buying for my kids. Err, no. I'm buying for myself. But the girl got interested and started playing with my Lego too.

She insisted on getting her face in this shot
Suddenly got interested in Lego again..
Lego Ferarri and Starting Line from Shell
(Girl helped me to put this set together)

Technically Lego can be seen as an investment for my kids for when they are old enough to play with them =P

I can't wait to start building my train set! Will update on Facebook when I'm done =)

2) Nanoblocks

Have always wanted to get some but I kept procrastinating until a colleague bought Mike from Monster's Inc for me. As usual being OCD, I knew I had to get Sully and since Qoo10 was having a "buy 5 get 3 free" offer, the rest was history.

Mike finally has his buddy!
Sister got these weird-looking Mickey & Minnie from HK for me
(Found it too easy though)

Nanoblocks are fun but I still prefer Lego =)

3) Puzzle Sphere

Puzzle Sphere (240 pieces),
reflecting my love of travelling
The pieces are numbered so all you need to do is match them up accordingly. Easy!

4) Pilates

Me at my favourite Jumpboard class

Technically this is not a frivolous purchase since I do value my health. But on the grand scheme of things, some people might think it is more worthwhile to invest it into my kid's education and exercise for free instead (but I hate exercises that are free such as running, etc).

Nevertheless, to me, health is priceless. If a pilates package is what it takes to whip my body into shape and give my heart a boost, that's what I'm going to invest into.

5) Kick Scooter

O Town 7XL Scooter with Suspension
Riding the scooter with the girl at Tiong Bahru Park

Again, I bought this to aid me in my exercise with my girl. The hubby laughed at me and declared that it was a dumb purchase and that I would soon abandon it. Next thing I knew, HE BOUGHT A SCOOTER TOO! (-_-")

The only bad thing about the scooter is riding with my girl. She's so slow on her scooter while I'm so fast on mine that it was kind of a bummer having to slow down to wait for her while she yells, "Wait for meee! WAIT FOR MEEEE MUMMEEEEE!!!" (-_-")

I'm encouraging the family to exercise more together. One of these days we're going to ride together at East Coast Park (most likely with the girl on my scooter) =)

6) Nescafe Dulce Gusto

Nescafe Dulce Gusto and our wall of capsules

We had wanted to buy Nespresso, but unfortunately Nespresso does not have tea (and I don't drink coffee). As a compromise, we bought the Nescafe Dolce Gusto, which can dispense tea, coffee, choccochino and even milo! Very convenient for us when we need a cup of "wake me up" in the morning.

7) Gold Jewellery

Lastly, I recently started buying jewellery made of pure gold (like a typical Singaporean Aunty! *gasp*). I decided that I was going to buy gold as a form of investment so that one day when my girl gets married, I have something of value to give to her as her wedding present =)

What are your frivolous purchases? Please share in the comments =)

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