Sunday 27 July 2014

BKK III Day 2: Union Mall

I was starting to feel unwell (I think I caught the flu from my girl) yesterday but I woke up this morning feeling worse. The worst feeling in the world is being sick while on vacation :(

We went for breakfast at Mezza restaurant.

Breakfast at Mezza
Chefs cooking our eggs fresh on premise
(You can choose from SEVEN different types of eggs!)

One of our favourites is this self-service pancake machine that makes two pancakes at a time with just a press of a button! Girl could get her own freshly-made pancakes herself =)

Waiting for the Pancake Machine to dish out delicious pancakes *yum*

After a lovely breakfast of fresh pancakes and eggs, we travelled to Union Mall (recommended by a friend, who says it's better than Platinum Mall) for some shopping!

Park Plaza's Tuk-Tuk, which will ferry guests to the main road
Sitting comfortably in the Tuk Tuk instead of walking out =)

To get to Union Mall, take the Bangkok Metro (MRT) from Sukhumvit Station to Phahon Yothin Station. The journey cost us about 30 baht each and took approximately 30 minutes.

Clockwise from left: Entrance to Sukhumvit MRT Station;
Travelling from Sukhumvit Station to Phahon Yothin Station;
Exit via Soi Lat Phrao 1, Exit 5 for Union Mall
Union Mall
(Address: 54 Lat Phrao Rd, Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900;
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00)
Rows and rows of retail therapy
Looks like Platinum Mall but a lot cheaper!
Mum in law bought a number of tops and was super happy with her purchase.
No nursing room in sight so I fed Baby Boy for the first time in the carrier under the nursing cover while walking around!

I was literally jumping for joy when I saw a familiar sight that is no longer available in Singapore: A&W!

Excited to see my favourite root bear float, curly fries and fried chicken! *yum*
Left: The hubby added one more scoup of ice-cream to our root beer float! Crazily good!
Right: Fried chicken patty in between waffles
My favourite waffles!

The hubby knew it was our favourite so he ordered almost everything and ended up ordering way too much! I ate so much that I couldn't walk! *ouch* =(

We shopped for a bit more before returning to the hotel for canapé again (the family loved the free flow alcohol and food, plus I wasn't feeling well so we decided not to chiong).

We were very happy to be greeted with a baby cot in my Mum-in-law's room! All the cots were occupied the day before so my girl had to squeeze with my Mum-in-law and Brother-in-law in a king size bed. They both complained that she kicked them the whole night!

Love this baby cot! Not too deep and not too small! =)
Girl exploring the cot, which was large enough to fit her as well

Since my girl could fit nicely into the cot, we decided to let her sleep in it instead of my boy so that my in-laws can sleep in peace (they did indeed sleep very well that night, thanks to the cot!).

After our canapé, we headed for pedicures and massages for the girls and guys respectively.

Pedicure and massages at Butterfly

Perhaps because we asked for my girl's pedicure to be done for free, my pedicure was done very shabbily. Having been used to great nail services in Singapore, I was really unhappy with the terrible service and workmanship.

I saw how much the guys were enjoying their massages so I decided to get massages as well! The hour-long foot massage was awesome and well worth the money!

Getting the 1-hour foot massage
Enjoying the massage *ahhh*

Although they call it a foot massage, the masseuse massages your feet, legs, arms, hands, head, neck and even your back! It was almost a full-body massage (the only body part that was not massaged was the chest). At 200 baht, it was very value for money!

By the time I was done with my massage, we had dinner at Palm@18 once again because we liked it so much. We ordered slightly different dishes and still enjoyed them.

Clockwise from left: Our favourite morning glory;
Fried pineapple rice; Tom Yum soup

Oh dear, there goes my weight loss plans *groans*

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