Monday 28 July 2014

BKK III Day 3: Terminal 21 & Chinatown

After breakfast in the morning, we walked to nearby Terminal 21.

If you don't stay nearby, you can get there via the Bangkok BTS to Asoke Station (E4) or the Bangkok MRT to Sukhumvit Station.

With my babies in Terminal 21
(Oh Gawd, I look like I'm pregnant! Damn travel weight.. *groan*)

We like Terminal 21 even though it's more atas (expensive) than other malls because of the more unique goods that they sell. Sometimes we can find strange knick knacks that we've not seen before. We also like to eat at Zeed, one of our favourite restaurants in Bangkok.

Zeed restaurant
Ordered our favourite Chicken Wings, Pad Thai, Fried Rice and Assorted Vegetables
Clockwise from left: The Mango Sticky Rice here is a must-try!;
Hot tea because I'm still down with flu;
Kid-friendly dining set complete with cutlery and cup

We were only supposed to eat a light meal since we just had breakfast but we ended up eating a full meal complete with dessert! (*gasp*).  I blame my disease striken brain that obviously wasn't thinking clearly =(

To destroy my diet plans even more we took a cab to Chinatown and continued round 3 of the feasting! We took a short 1 hour walk along the street before having our afternoon tea. The restaurant that we used to eat at was closed so we decided to try something new.

Lao Li Sharks Fin Restaurant
Giant river prawns at 100 baht each! *yum*
Crab with tang hoon

We were supposed to eat a little to try but ended up ordering 2 crabs and 8 prawns! (*laughs*) I ate heartily as well even though I wasn't feeling well! Crazy!

To end off, I had some Tang Yuan with Ginger soup to ease my throat.

Tang Yuan (rice balls with peanut) in Ginger Soup

By the time we returned to the hotel, we were ready for a swim in the pool. We finally got to swim in the day instead of during the cold evenings like the last 2 days.

The large outdoor adult pool
Jacuzzi that does not work
(Or at least we don't know how it works)
Left: Baby Boy apprehensive of his new float that his Grandma got him, but loved it after he got used to it;
Right: I didn't swim because I was still not feeling well, although it didn't stop me from getting a photo with Baby Boy

Baby Boy was in an extremely good mood that day, which meant an opportune time for great photos!

Baby Boy and daddy
Grandma and her 2 precious ones
One of our best family shots :)

After swimming, we went for canapé as usual. Since we were still full, we ordered room service (which cost the same as eating in the restaurant itself) as we were too lazy to drag ourselves out of the comforts of our room.

Room Service

The Pad Thai was ok but the green curry was disappointing.

Anyway, despite having the flu and not feeling like myself (although I may not look like it), I had an awesome time in Bangkok!

We need to visit every year! *grin*

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