Tuesday 29 July 2014

BKK III Day 4: Departure

Our 4 days of feasting in Bangkok is coming to an end! How fast time flies!

I was secretly glad though cos I don't know how fat I will get if I continued to stay there and eat any longer! *laughs*

We took a large cab from our hotel to Suvarnabhumi Airport after we checked out at noon. After clearing customs, we had our final Thai meal at Dragon Jade in transit.

Dragon Jade
Pretty tasty beef noodles
Pineapple rice

The food was better than expected! :)

We still had a bit of time so we managed to shop around. Mum-in-law found a Gucci bag that she loved, which was also on discount! She was elated :)

Baby Boy as a fierce Thai warrior!

We love Thailand and can return again and again! Till next time (which is Phuket in Feb 2015), kor kum ka (Thai for "thank you").

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