Friday 1 March 2013

BKK II Day 3: Terminal 21 & Siam Paragon

We really liked Terminal 21 the last time that we visited Bangkok so it was the first place we brought my in-laws after breakfast this morning.

Terminal 21
Posing with the interesting decor
Touching the Samurai butt! =P
The cute decor even got my girl really excited! =)
Lighthouse at the basement
Left: She loved the custard mini waffles so much that she ate 15 of it! *gasp*
Right: A shop with my name! *laughs*

Terminal 21 is really arty-farty and has many interesting stores for you to shop and eat at. We took our passport photos at one shop which sold 12 for only 130 baht (S$5), inclusive of editing. Cheap right? =) While waiting for the photos to be ready, we explored the rest of the mall and had lunch at one of our favourite restaurants whenever we visit.

Have a Zeed by Steak Lao
Waiting for our food and admiring the beautiful decor
The drinks came with ice that is off the same flavour so that your drink will not be diluted.. cool! =)

Clockwise from top left: Tom Yum soup; fried chicken wings & drumlets;
Fried green curry rice with beef; Pad Thai wrapped in egg
And their famous Mango Sticky Rice to end the meal! *yum*

My mum-in-law and brother-in-law really loved the food as well. It was also the best Pad Thai that we've tried so far =)

After lunch, we got a cab (the most expensive cab ride of the trip, 400 baht!) to Siam Paragon to continue our shopping. Halfway into our trip, my mum-in-law suddenly remembered that we forgot to collect our passport photos!! >_<

I felt bad for the guy who was waiting for us to collect the photos so the cab driver advised that the fastest way back was to take the Bangkok BTS train instead of a cab as we were stuck in a jam. Being the most street-smart of our group, I volunteered to venture back on my own via the train.

Taking the BTS alone

It was my first time travelling on the BTS in Bangkok as the hubby often preferred the comforts of the cab. I bought the ticket to Asok Station where Terminal 21 is located and paid only 20 baht. The train was crowded but I got to my destination pretty quickly. I arrived back at Siam Paragon (Siam station) after around 30 minutes and spent only 45 baht. I told the hubby later that in future, BTS seems to be the faster and cheaper mode of transport for places that are located next to a station.

Siam Paragon

Feeling proud of myself for embarking on the journey alone, I rejoined the rest of my family at Siam Ocean World, who were enjoying the performance of the mascots and completely unaware of my achievement -_-.

Siam Ocean World mascots doing their dance
Posing with all the mascots after their dance
Isn't this Nemo cute? =)

We wanted to purchase the tickets to enter the aquarium but when we found out that it costs 900 baht per ticket, the hubby thought it might be more worthwhile to visit the RWS aquarium instead.

So we decided to take a long 30 minute walk back to our hotel (due to the traffic jam around the area). The hubby and my girl went swimming while my mum-in-law and I continued our shopping at Platinum Mall. We stumbled onto a store that sold cute kid outfits and bought a Traditional Thai outfit for just 200 baht =)

Wearing her cute-to-the-max traditional Thai costume!

Later we had dinner at Central World since the shops at Platinum Mall close at 7pm.

Steamboat restaurant

By the time we were done with dinner, we were so tired out that my girl and I fell asleep early once our heads hit the pillow!

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