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Malacca II Day 3: A'Famosa Safari Wonderland

We had breakfast at the hotel this morning but somehow the food wasn't as good as the day before. Hence, we had to "top up" our breakfast with the very famous satay at Sun May Hiong Satay House, the same satay restaurant that had run out of satay on our first day in Malacca. You can just imagine how popular the satay here is!

Sun May Hiong Satay House
(download our printable itinerary for more details)

Have to say that we were not disappointed!

Satay source, cucumber and onions and glutinous rice
Chicken, pork and pork liver satay, all freshly barbecued on premise
Clockwise from left: Girl very excited to try the satay;
Yummy satay!!
Me with Baby Boy, who was in a great mood

I love the satay and how tender the meat was (not too tough and not too soft). It was also freshly barbecued just right, not overly charred. The sauce was also delicious, a good complement to the satay. It was not pricey too; it cost just RM 0.60-0.80 per stick!

I can completely understand why people would wait for up to 2 hours during peak hours on weekends just to get a taste of this. Definitely a must-try!

After a good meal of satay, we headed on to visit A'Famosa Safari Wonderland. There are many parks under A'Famosa but we thought we'll just visit the Safari Wonderland.

A'Famosa resort and theme parks
Safari Wonderland
Ticketing booth for Malaysians
(Ticketing booth for foreigners are inside beyond the entrance on the right)

Singaporeans can enjoy the same (cheaper!) rate as the Malaysians (see rate below) so do remember to bring along your passport as proof and queue at the Malaysian ticketing booth instead of the one for foreigners. At just RM59 per adult, inclusive of a set lunch, the ticket was pretty reasonable to me =)

Rates for Malaysians and Singaporeans
Clockwise from left: Mum-in-law with the parrots;
Bird enclosure with turkeys etc;
Mountain tortoise?
They don't even build fences for these guys. Just simple wood pillars and they are stuck.
Emu and one lone camel
Cute and very friendly camel
Clockwise from left: Very strange looking sheep. I don't know whether they are supposed to be in this climate..;
A big compound for the Sheep Farm;
Tiny horses (we have the same at our Singapore Zoo).
A cheerful Baby Boy and I at the "Ah Meng" (Orang Utan) enclosure
Hubby, me and Baby Boy
We tried to get Girlee to ride this cute little thing but she absolutely refused! (sigh)

We decided that we would skip the shows and have lunch at the local Safari Food Court before the crowd flooded the place.

Clockwise from left: Baby Boy trying to open one of the complimentary can drinks we got;
The Safari Food Court for locals;
Mine was rice with beef (you can choose from a list of 4 different dishes).

For a free lunch, it was pretty decent; just don't have very high expectations.

After lunch, we headed for the safari truck ride that will bring us to see more animals such as tigers and lions.

Safari truck ride
(Manage your expectations. The truck can be really old and dingy but can still serve its purpose)
Clockwise from left: Selfie with my girl (looking more like me!);
Tried to squeeze everyone into a wefie. Not very successful;
The windshield of the car is cracked. For special effects? *laughs*
Enjoying the view of the giraffes, girl and my favourite animal =)
Clockwise from left: Baby Boy is excited to see some animals!;
A handsome Malayan tiger basking in the sun;
Another tiger waiting at the cage to be fed
(we'll be feeding this tiger as you will see later)
Close up shot of the Malayan tiger. Magnificent creatures these guys are!

We decided to pay extra for a close encounter experience (which required you to disembark the truck) with one of these magnificent animals. Each adult is approximately S$12, excluding the cost of the printed photo. Kids don't have to pay if they are carried by the adult.

Feeding the tiger while the photographer snapped shots of us

"MUMMEEEE!!!!" yelled my girl, "yucks, the tiger spit saliva on meeee!!!!"

"Sure or not?" I queried, and couldn't help but laugh at the fear in her eyes. You can't really blame her though; I think it was the closest that we had ever been to a tiger! Definitely an experience that was worth to pay for =)

We also got a chance to get up close and personal with baby white lions. The zookeepers here love them like their own kids! Can't blame them really =)

Super cute white lion cubs
Mum-in-law with the kids
I'm posting this photo I took of the hubby because it was infinitely better than the one he took of me! *pfft*

After our experiences with the tiger and the lions, we boarded the safari truck back to the main park where we made our way to our final stop, the Monkey Island.

Walking to the port where you can board a small boat to Monkey Island 
Boat made only of wood
Clockwise from left: Mum-in-law with a very apprehensive Baby Boy. He is not very thrilled with boat-rides even though he has had the privilege of riding on many (e.g. punting in Cambridge, bamboo-rafting in Phuket and boating in Ho Chi Minh);
Our attempt at a family photo;
Approaching the dock on Monkey Island.

With a name like Monkey Island, you would expect that the very least there will be monkeys on the island wouldn't you? Well, for some reason we didn't see any when we were there, fortunately or unfortunately for us. There were only more sheep and a bunch of chickens and roosters.

Trying to get Baby Boy acquainted but he was determined to stay far, far away!

And with that, we ended our day at Safari Wonderland. We collected and paid for our printed photos at the gate before we left. Each photo cost us RM40 if I didn't remember wrongly (still considered reasonable as compared to many other theme parks).

A group photo we took at the entrance
Photo of me and my girl
(My girl's terrified look when she saw the tiger up close was priceless!)
Both hubby and mum-in-law carried Baby Boy but he was equally terrified (I find that extremely funny!) *laughs*

To be honest, other than meeting the tiger up close and personal, there was nothing about the safari that was too different from our Singapore Zoo. Still, it is A LOT CHEAPER so if you're on a budget, you can consider visiting this attraction =)

Tired out, we made our almost 4 hour journey back to Singapore, stopping only at an RnR for our dinner.

Can't remember which RnR this was
Hubby's company car, which we will saying goodbye to soon

We love Malacca and will be back soon, sooner than we thought! =)

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