Wednesday 30 September 2015

Our Tour of the Singapore Yakult Factory

During Teacher's Day a few weeks back, we joined other Singapore Mom Bloggers for a tour of the Yakult Factory located at Senoko Avenue. I decided to bring both kids with me (and give mum-in-law a break) since we'll be travelling via MINIbee.

Both the girl and I were the most excited since we both drink Yakult almost everyday. I for one have been a Yakult fan for as long as I can remember, to the point that my username for a period of time used to be LBCulturedMilk! True story.

So you can imagine our delight to find that there was no lack of Yakult at the Yakult Factory! =)

Girl was grinning from ear to ear because she not only drank the complimentary Yakult bottle in front of her (we each got one), she also drank those behind her because no one was sitting there (-_-)

Our tour started with an introduction of our digestive system, pitched at the level of kindergarten kids so that the kids will understand.

There are other slides but it so happened I took the slide of the different kinds of shit hahaha (I swear it was unintentional!)

I learnt a lot from the presentation. For instance, did you know that Singapore is the only country that sells other flavours other than original? Singapore is also one of three countries with the largest Yakult bottles in the world and yet it's still considered small next to certain other famous brand (*cough* V....... *cough*. It's obvious where my loyalty lies hehe).

We also got to look under a microscope and see the billions of live Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota wriggling around as well as taste the sugarless Yakult (super sour!) which you can only try in the Yakult Factory. We also watched a video, which finally captured the attention of my hyperactive boy who wanted to explore the place on his own and destroy everything in sight (-_-). I liked how interactive the presentation was. Definitely suitable for 4 years old and above.

We got to explore the factory next, which did not allow photography so I only have one photo (I took it before I was told it was not allowed).

Observing the tanks that are used to make the Yakult

It was fun to learn that everything, except for the bacteria itself (that is made in Japan), is made in the factory. The bottles are melted and molded into the iconic shape before the words are printed directly on the bottle. Then the bottles are filled with Yakult and sealed. The whole process is really fast and efficient.

At the end of the tour, we got to purchase Yakult and Yakult Ace at a discounted rate of $2.70 and $3.50 respectively. As you know, unlike other brands (*cough*), Yakult is hardly ever on discount! Of course we bought as many as we can keep in our fridge! *laughs*

Selfie with the Giant Yakult bottle!
Group photo with the rest of the Singapore Mom Bloggers and their families

Yakult is going to terminate their Factory Tour (more details on the Yakult Factory Tour here) from January 2016 onwards due to factory renovations so if you would like to go, better DO IT NOW!

If either you or your kids are Yakult fans, I strongly recommend this tour! We had a blast =)


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