Monday 26 October 2015

Old School to New School

As you know, we recently moved out of Tiong Bahru to a neighbourhood in the West. Because of the move, we had to withdraw my girl from her old school and transfer her to a school nearer to our house so that it is more convenient for the mum-in-law to send/pick her to/from school.

It was not an easy decision because my girl has been attending her old school since she was 2.5 years old and has made a lot of friends. I still remember her first day of school like it was yesterday (click here to read more details about her first week at school).

My girl's first day at school

My girl does not adapt easily to new environments so she spent the beginning of her first few weeks in school crying. However, thanks to the patience and love of her N1 teacher, she managed to cope very well with school.

By the 4th day of school, my girl was able to stop crying once we were out of sight and play on her own

She did so well that she performed in her school's year-end concert with her classmates for the first time! We were so proud of her! =)

Singing the ending song with all of her friends

She performed again last year and even led her classmates in saying the National Pledge together!

"We, the citizens of Singapore."
(She looks so different exactly one year later!)

She also celebrated many birthdays in her old school.

Dora-themed 3rd Birthday Party
(She was a mega-fan of Dora then!)
Elsa-themed 4th Birthday Party
(She switched to Elsa once she watched Frozen on the plane to Hong Kong)
Cinderella-themed 5th Birthday Party
(Switched to Cinderella after she watched the movie on the plane to Phuket. Yes, you'd notice a trend..)

The school has been such an integral part of my girl's childhood. Some of her friends has been with her since the first day that she started school. Hence, to ensure that there was some closure for her and her friends, we decided to hold a mini farewell party for them!

We bought mini cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes as we figured the kids would find it easier to eat
The kids gathering hungrily around the food
Stuffing their faces with cupcake and chocolate milk
With the cupcake that she chose herself

Everyone had a fun time, though girl's best friends were really sad that she was going to leave. Hopefully I will be able to keep in contact with her ex-teachers so that I can invite some of them for her birthday party next year.

The day after, I brought both kids to their new school to ensure a smooth transition. Mum-in-law was keen to start Baby Boy in school so as to encourage him to talk more but I thought he was still too young for school. We signed him up anyway because we thought there was no harm in letting him try (since there was a trial period of 2 weeks).

The kids checking out their new school together

The new school was smaller but fully air-conditioned as compared to the old school. Girl enjoyed the smaller teacher-to-student ratio, the food and the fact that she no longer perspires during lessons! Of course that meant that we had to pay a higher price but we were still willing to do so for the convenience.

As for Baby Boy, he was initially ok with school for the first few days (probably because it was a new experience and his sister was there with him).

Walking to school with his new school bag!

However, he started showing signs of distress by the 3rd day and even 'abused' his grandma (by hitting her) as if to show his anger at her for abandoning him! He became really difficult to handle and that's when the mum-in-law realised that we were right; Baby Boy was still too young for school.

We decided to withdraw Baby Boy from school. Girl was sad that she had to go to school alone but she soon got over it after she made friends with the girls in her class. I'm so glad that my girl has matured so much and is so adaptable! Well, other than the fact that, like everyone else, she still hates waking up in the morning to go to school! (Don't we all...).

Her expression before and after school

Although I was sad that my girl will not be able to join her ex-classmates for the annual year-end concert (T_T), I'm glad that she will at least be able to join in the year-end concert of her new school.

Hopefully this will be the last school before she starts her formal schooling in Primary School. I don't think I can handle yet another transition =(

We'll see how it goes...
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