Friday 4 July 2014

Girl's 4th Birthday (I): Party like Queen Elsa

Almost everyone was doing the same theme so I was a little hesitant to follow suit. However, I knew how much my girl loves Frozen, in particular Elsa, of course there would be no other theme for her party than Elsa.

Ever since she watched Frozen for the first time on our flight to Hong Kong, she was hooked. She watched it again on our flight back and kept talking about it until the mum-in-law bought her the DVD, which she watches at least once a day! She would get us to play and replay the "Let it go" portion of the DVD again and again till we thought, "to hell with it, let's just get her the Soundtrack!"

After that it was no turning back! We heard it at home, we heard it in the car. She sang the songs everywhere she went.

"The snow glows white on the mountain tonight.." she'll start, in an almost impossibly low voice. Coupled with dramatic expressions, hand gestures and sound effects, she'll eventually finish the song with a gusto and an equally impossible high note "..let the storm rage onnnnnn!!" (It really went on, let me assure you).

Thank God I'm a fan too =)

As my girl is older this year, she pretty much packed all her goodie bags all by herself (with supervision from her OCD mum of course).

Bought these bags on Qoo10 so that they can be reused rather than thrown away like ordinary party bags
Goodies that kids would like!
Packing the chocolate and sweets, one for each bag

I've also bought an original Disney Elsa dress (though not my ideal pick but at around S$45, it would suffice) for the girl. When she saw it, she was extremely thrilled!

Queen Elsa of Arendelle

There was no need to buy a Tiara because she already has one, which she has worn every year on her birthday for the last 2 years (i.e. her 2nd birthday and 3rd birthday)!

We didn't have a very big party, it was just with her classmates (whom she spends 8 hours with everyday) at school.

When I brought all the food and goodie bags into the classroom, all the kids literally went "Wah!" in unison *laughs*.

Parties are the best part of childhood

We wanted an economical cake (we are of the opinion that kids don't know the difference!), which we managed to get from Bengawan Solo. I got some balloons for simple decoration and propped them up with, wait for it, Play-Doh and every blue Lego Duplo brick I can find =)

Happy 4th birthday to "Queen Elsa"!
Oh how fast my baby has grown! :S
A picture with my princess
Cutting her cake

She was actually pretty cranky because the top part of her dress (the transparent part) was made of very scratchy mesh that rubbed against her skin. Poor girl.. :(

On hindsight, I should have gotten her a long-sleeve white top to wear underneath to lessen the abrasion.

She did eventually cheer up when she took a bite of the cake!

Eating cake with her best friend in school
Not perfect pictures but well, A for effort

After she gave out all the goodie bags (to the excitement of her classmates), we changed her into a pink dress.

We ended the day with the whole class singing to "Let it go" (we played our soundtrack in the CD player), led by the birthday girl herself.

"Let it go! Let it go!"

Everyone had fun singing on top of their lungs! Was a great end to a fun party =)

We thought it'd be fun to bring her to The City for her birthday. She was here 1.5 years ago when it first opened.

Supermarket cashier & the patron
Left: "Hello, clean up required at Lane 2!"
Right: "Two boxes..."
Fire Chief Girlee!

At the end of the day, I think my girl went to sleep with a smile on her face! She can't wait for more tomorrow =)

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