Wednesday 26 March 2014

HK Day 1: Royal Plaza Hotel & Mong Kok

It's the day of our all-girl trip to Hong Kong! This will be the first ever trip that I'll be travelling without the hubby ever since we got married 5 years ago! The hubby does not like Hong Kong as much as the Mum-in-law and I do so we decided to plan a trip just the 3 of us.

We left Baby Boy in the care of my mum the night before as we needed to reach Changi International Airport (Terminal 3) by 4.30am to check in. As we still had plenty of time after checking in, we had our breakfast while my girl had a blast at the children's playground.

Breakfast at the airport
Took us 30 minutes (of coaxing & threatening) before she was finally brave enough to slide down this slide (-_-").
But once she did, there was no turning back! We almost had to drag her to leave!
3 generations
Flight by our favourite Singapore Airlines
(Comfy and entertaining)

Our flight arrived promptly at Hong Kong International Airport (Terminal 1) at about 11am. After crossing customs, we took a cab (HK$250) to our hotel, Royal Plaza Hotel (nearest station is Mong Kok East Station / Mong Kok Station).

Our room would only be ready at 3pm so we decided to go to the nearest nursing room at Grand Century Place (check out my review here) and express milk before finding a place to have lunch. We decided on Hong Lin Restaurant as I used to love the food there.

Hong Lin Restaurant
The cha chaan tengs was squeezy and full of people!

For some reason, they no longer served my favourite bowl of beef noodles (at least, I didn't see it on the menu!) so I had to settle for shrimp noodles while the Mum-in-law had pork. Tasted ordinary and nothing like what we had in the past! So disappointed.. *sigh*

There was still time so we shopped at the street stalls before checking in to our hotel. The hotel gave us a free upgrade to the family room (up from our basic room), which could sleep 4 people! :)

Toilet with a small bathtub
Came with so many toiletries that was meant for 4
2 queen size beds instead of 1 king size bed
(I had a bed all to myself!)
Beautiful view of Hong Kong from our room
We loved to check out if the pool is crowded from the window seat
(great spot to laze around too)

Since the pool wasn't crowded, we changed into our swim wear and headed down to the pool.

The pool was heated! Awesome!
There was a life guard on duty at the pool as well
(He kept a hard eye on my girl, who was crazily splashing around!)
Nice view of our hotel
Jacuzzi jets

The pool was great but we preferred the hot tub, which was warmer and had more water jets!

Ah, this is the life!
Mum-in-law forgot to bring her swimming costume but she got to soak her tired legs in the warm water too :)

The warm pool and hot tub are great for babies! I missed my boy almost immediately.. :(

After our nice soak/swim in the pool, we headed out to Mong Kok to look for a place for dinner. We decided on this old school stall, which looked like it was really good.

It was crowded with locals!
Simple dinner of noodles and fishballs

My girl was so tired out after our swim that she slept on the table (refused to eat) and had to be carried while we walked the streets.

Walking the streets of Mong Kok with her in the Ergobaby carrier (thanks Dominique for passing it to us!)
Mong Kok Road

When we were tired out from all the walking (and carrying a 17kg girl on my back while she tried to sleep), we returned to the hotel.

There was free wifi in our room so we Skype-d our family back at home.

Photo sent by the Sister of me Skype-ing with my Mum and baby

They reasoned that my baby was crying because he heard my voice but the Mum-in-law reasoned that it was because he was sleepy. Either way, I know he missed me and we missed him too!

I spent the rest of the night expressing milk and storing them in the fridge. Just in case you're wondering how I sterilise my pump while on the go.. well, I used Pigeon Sterilizing Tablets.

Pigeon Sterilizing Tablets & a container full of water

All you need to do is add 1 tablet to 2.5 litres of water. After the tablet has dissolve, simply put your pump parts (after it has been washed) into the water and wait for 30 minutes before using it again. The sterilising water can be reused again and again within 24 hours so I only needed to use at most 2 tablets a day. Very useful and convenient =)

It was going to be a long day tomorrow so we went to bed early. Looking forward =)

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