Friday 20 May 2011

SZ-HK Day 3: Peak, Mong Kok & Symphony of Lights (HK)

We had breakfast at the nearby New Star Seafood Restaurant before we headed off to Hongkong.

New Star Seafood Restaurant

We had previously eaten here before and the food was supposed to be better than the restaurant at our hotel.

Dim Sum at New Star Restaurant

However, we were sorely disappointed. The dim sum was not as tasty, the waiting time was too long and it was two times more expensive (cost 150RMB)! Definitely would not be going back there to eat.

After breakfast, we made our way to Hongkong. To get there, first take the Shenzhen Metro from Lao Jie Station to Lo Hu Station on Shenzhen’s 地铁一号线.

Train from Laojie Station to Lo Hu Station

Once you exit Lo Hu Station, you will see a signboard that said 'To Hongkong'. Follow the signboards until you reach the immigration booths (alternatively you can follow the large stream of people who are going the same way).

From Shenzhen to Hongkong

As we are foreigners, we have to fill out two sets of forms: one departure form (for China) and one arrival form (for Hongkong). You may take extra forms to fill up at your leisure if you're going in to Hongkong again like we did, so that you don't have to be busy scribbling while in the queue the next time.

Follow the signboards and ask if you're lost.

Once you have passed immigration, you will reach the entry way to Hongkong's railway station. Purchase a single trip or a train travel card (similar to EZ-link) at the ticketing counter (we bought the train travel card as it is cheaper and we're mostly travelling by train).

Pay extra to ride 1st Class

Our next stop was The Peak Hong Kong.

To get there, take the railway train on Hong Kong’s East Rail Line to Kowloon Tong Station and transfer to the MTR line to Mong Kok Station. Then transfer to a train bound for Central Station and alight. Exit the Station via Exit J2 and follow the signboards till you reach Lower Peak Tram Terminus on Garden Road.

The Peak Tram Terminus on Garden Road

It was pretty easy to find although the walk uphill was very treacherous for the hubby who was pushing the stroller carrying a 10kg baby. Thankfully I insisted on bringing the stroller or it would be even worse.

There was a ticketing counter that sold the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum tickets as a package with the tram tickets so we bought those (cost HK$185 per adult). As it was a Friday morning, there was not much of a queue and we were on board the tram in just 5 minutes.

Ride on the Peak Tram

The ride up was really steep (about 45 degree angle). Felt like a roller coaster! Haha. Ten minutes later, we arrived at The Peak!

Outside The Peak Galleria

We decided to have our lunch first before exploring the wax museam. The view from Burger King was fabulous and there were plenty of seats so we had our lunch there.

View from outside Burger King
Love this baby chair that had wheels and everything
After lunch, it was time for Madame Tussauds Hong Kong!

Entrance of Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

It was our fourth time to Hongkong but it's the first time we're visiting Madame Tussauds (we previously visited Ocean Park), which was located at Level P1 of the Peak Tower.

At the Wax Museum you get to..

..learn about making a wax figure

And get up close and very personal with..

Movie Stars
(Left: Nicole Kidman; Right: Jay Chou)
Movie Characters
(Top: Ip Man; Bottom: Jack Sparrow)
Politicians and the Royal Family
(Can you spot his Leeness? The Little Red book? How about the Queen?)
Sport Stars
And Singing Sensations

It was really fun! Too bad that the area was so small =(

Another bad thing about The Peak? There are no nursing rooms in sight! I had to feed her in a smelly handicap toilet as usual. Sigh.

After buying some souvenirs, it was time to leave.

Peak Tram (see the steepness!)

We walked back to Central Station to take the MTR to Mong Kok Station for shopping and dinner. If you have the time, you may want to visit the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

(To get there, take MTR from Central Station (transfer at Admiralty Station) to Wan Chai Station Exit A1 and walk toward Gloucester Road).

We had dinner at our favourite Cha Chan Tang 茶餐厅 (tea house), Hong Lin Restaurant.

Dinner at Hong Lin Restaurant

I love their food! I love their Yuan Yang (coffee and tea drink), Bo Lo Bao (bread) and beef noodles. Yummy! I always miss their food and it is one of the reasons that I return to Hongkong every year =)

It was the Avenue of Stars next where we intend to watch the Symphony of Lights. To get there, take the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui Station (Exit J) or the railway train to East Tsim Sha Tsui Station and follow the signs.

We waited till 8pm for the show to start.

Avenue of Stars & Symphony of Lights

*Note: Spectators can also listen to the music and narration at the harbour front area by tuning to FM 103.4 MHz (English), FM 106.8 MHz (Cantonese) or FM 107.9 MHz (Putonghua).

But the show was such a disappointment! It was definitely worse than the show I saw at MBS! We really felt like we wasted time waiting to watch it.

After the show, we took the MTR from East Tsim Sha Tsui Station on the West Rail Line back to Lo Wu (terminal) Station to cross immigration back to Shenzhen.

Was a super tiring but fun day =)

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