Saturday 21 May 2011

SZ-HK Day 4: Window of the World (SZ)

We decided to bring my mum-in-law and brother-in-law to Window of the World Shenzhen. It was their first time and our second.

To get there take the Shenzhen Metro from Lao Jie Station to Window of the World Station.

Window of the World Station
Window of the World (Ticketing Counter)

You can get your tickets at this counter at 140RMB (S$28) per adult. The themepark consists of the miniature versions of all the most famous landmarks that you can think of, from a real-life Eiffel tower (which you can sit a lift to go up to the top for only 10RMB) to the Niagara Falls. In China, if you can think it, they'll have a replica of it! *laughs*

And since a picture paints a thousand words..

The Americas
Asia: Japan & India

The park is really HUGE! We walked and walked and it felt like there was no end. Plus there are plenty of things to do so you wouldn't feel like it was boring.

The bad part was that there was no shade so essentially if it was too sunny or it rained, you would be stuck without an umbrella (thankfully we got ours). Also, you had to pay for everything inside. Every ride. Even the monorail. Although it wasn't a lot, we didn't want to have to queue up for the rides as we had to take care of our baby girl this time.

So in a sense, it saved us money. Haha.

Thankfully, we got to the very end of the park when it started to rain! Really big. So we took shelter in Holiday Plaza which had just opened across the road. Apparently my favourite H&M store just opened there as well! Whoots! =)

We then went back to our hotel restaurant for a sumptuous dinner of fresh seafood and baby abalone as usual.

Clockwise from top: Our own wine, baby abalone, assorted roast meat,
fresh prawns & salmon sashimi

This was our most expensive dinner in Shenzhen, which is approximately 420RMB (S$84). It is still cheap considering we ate fish, baby abalone and sashimi! *grin*

If you're wondering what baby has been eating, well, she has been eating whatever we're eating (that I think is ok for her to eat). Oh and this..

Heinz Baby Food (Chinese version)

I bought this at the Supermarket at Sun Plaza. She really likes it as you can see (evidenced by the empty bottle).

We went to bed very early as we were so tired out from all the walking! Zzzzz..

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