Sunday 22 May 2011

SZ-HK Day 5: Lung Wah Pigeon & Shopping (HK)

The hubby and I really love the roast pigeon at the famous Lung Wah Hotel / Restaurant 龙华酒店 at Sha Tin, Hong Kong, so we convinced my mum-in-law and brother-in-law to brace the journey through the customs just so we can get our hands (and our mouths) on some good cantonese cuisine.

To get there, take the railway train to Shatin Station (Exit B) and walk on the overhead pathway along Tai Po Road until the Sha Tin Police Station. Then cross Tai Po Road via another overhead bridge to reach the restaurant (you should be able to see the restaurant from the police station if you look carefully). Alternatively, take a cab like we did as it was raining and we were too lazy to walk (cab fare was HK$18 (S$3)).

Lung Wah Hotel / Restaurant

Be prepared to 'go the distance' as there are a lot of stairs to climb just to reach this place! The last time we were at this restaurant (in 2009), I was 6 weeks pregnant with baby girl and still managed to walk all the way from Shatin Station. I felt so nauseous after that! But the minute I started eating, all the tiredness literally faded away! *laughs*

Girlee in her baby chair waiting to be fed

Girlee is now 10 months old and we're back eating the same thing. Take it from me, the food is worth it. I guarantee you =)

Anti-clockwise from top: Roast Pigeon, Stewed Pigeon, Cantonese style soup & seafood noodles

That's all the dishes we ordered because believe it or not, the portions were really huge (the photos do not do it any justice at all)! I love the roast pigeon more than the stewed ones just because it was juicier and more succulent! Also, the restaurant provides you with plastic gloves so that you can eat with greater ease and not have to use your bare hands.

Oh yes, Girlee loves the pigeon too! Roast of course. We fed her the breast meat with the least amount of oil and she loved it! My mum-in-law speculates that it is probably because I ate it at 6 weeks so she recognised the taste. Not sure how that is scientific. What I do know is that my girl is a real food expert. She can tell if the pigeon is roast or not (if it was stewed, she makes a face and might spit it out). I'm also seriously not sure how many babies are able to spit out a single hard carrot piece after swallowing the rest of the food (which had contained the carrot in it).

Anyway the noodles and soup was lovely too. Absolutely fantastic.

As the restaurant only has two kinds of dessert, we decided to order both.

Dessert: Beancurd & Almond soup with pigeon egg

The beancurd is to die for! I love it! The smooth texture mixed with the syrup that is not too sweet was just right for my taste. The almond soup on the other hand is nice, but probably not my cup of tea. The pigeon egg was great though as it tastes just like jelly.

The drawback to this restaurant, other than the tedious journey to get there, is the exhorbitant price. The above meal, consisting of everything shown, cost us approximately HK$900 (S$150)! One pigeon alone cost about HK$60 (S$10). Nevertheless, the quality of the food made our money's worth as we left the place satisfied and happy.

As we did not want to walk back to the train station, we took a cab directly to Langham Place at Mong Kok to continue our shopping (cab fare was approximately HK$90 (S$15)).

My top must-buys when you're in Hong Kong?

1) Perfumes!
E.g. Cost of the hubby's CK Eternity at the airport's tax-free shop = S$89. Cost of CK Eternity at a Hong Kong shop = HK$300 (S$50).

Bought Versace Bright Crystal & Flora by Gucci to add to my collection

My Versace Bright Crystal costs approximately HK$400 (S$66) while Flora by Gucci costs around HK$300 (S$50). It's definitely cheaper =)

2) Clothes from H&M
Until this label is available in Singapore, we'll just have to contend with shopping at Hong Kong (and now Shenzhen) for now. I love their stuff.

3) Cosmetics & Beauty Products
I bought a bunch of Nicole by O.P.I nail polish from Sasa at slightly cheaper prices. Also grabbed some Revlon nail polish at only HK$25 a bottle =)

Of course there are loads of other things you can buy but these are my definitely must-gets whenever I'm there. It's like a no-brainer *grin*

We passed a mochi shop along the way and I bought 6 pieces to try.

Mochi from Mochi Sweets

They were quite expensive (costs a total of HK$65 which is S$11) for 6 pieces. But it was worth it as the mochi was delicious. I wonder if they have an outlet here in Singapore?

Anyway we were so tired out from all the shopping and walking we decided to head back to Shenzhen for dinner at our favourite restaurant that serves the best Kailan (a type of vegetable) in the whole of China (that is, according to my dad).

Another one of our favourite restaurants! =)

My dad introduced this place to his Turkish friend and even he was sold!

My mum-in-law got hooked on their Fried Bee Hoon. She says it's the best she ever tasted. Their seafood is great too. The total cost of our meal was also slightly cheaper than the hotel's restaurant. You should definitely check out this place if you're in the vincinity.

It was a yummilicious end to another great day of feasting and shopping =)

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