Monday 23 May 2011

SZ-HK Day 6: Final Day of Shopping & Seafood (SZ)

After 4 days of hard-core walking, feasting and shopping, we decided to spend the last day doing what else but walking, feasting and shopping. In a more relaxed manner that is.

We stumbled onto a whole basement of wholesale children's clothes! Walked around and managed to get two sets of Chinese-style dresses (for her Chinese New Year next year) and two very dressy dresses for Mr & Mrs P's wedding in October.

Her dressy dress & Chiong Sum
(Photo taken at home)

Aint it cute? The dressy dress only costs 50RMB (S$10) which is a steal. The Chiong Sum (traditional Chinese dress) only costs 35RMB (S$7). My mum thinks it makes her look really mature which is true but she still looks real cute.

Cute Girls' dresses

Got other clothes from various stores for her as well with some of them costing only 45RMB (S$9) a piece. A full pink suit like the one seen below costs only 40RMB (S$8).

Nice bright pink suit

'Cheap and good' as my dad likes to say =)

We ate our last few meals with a tinge of sadness as we don't know when we'll be back to taste the fresh seafood again. Rest assured, we'll be back!

The hotel hailed a cab for us and we got to the airport very quickly (cab fare was 130RMB (S$26), much cheaper than when we arrived).

Surrounded with luggages! She's excited to fly.
Bye Bye Shenzhen!

All in all it was a great first trip on a flight overseas with baby girl. She was well-behaved for the most part and didn't fall sick. In fact, I'm very thankful to God that we all came back in perfect health and were not mugged.

So now that you have a glimpse of our version of Shenzhen, who wants to join us on the next trip? *laughs*

P.S. We didn't get to visit the Sky100 building in Hong Kong, which is a new attraction in the city. If you're interested, you can take the MTR to Austin Station and walk or take a cab. The tickets cost HK$125 per adult if booked online at least 2 days in advance or HK$150 per adults for walk-ins.

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