Wednesday 4 July 2012

I Can't Believe My Baby Is TWO!

She was just this small 2 years ago today when I went into labour and delivered her just before midnight.

She was so small she could fit nicely in my arms, I mean,
her favourite pillow looks huge compared to her!

Oh, how much she has grown!

For her birthday this year I didn't have anything fancy planned since we figured she wouldn't remember it anyway.

And it so happened Disney Junior invited us to Spruce for the unveiling of the newest addition to their programmes on the same day, so I thought we'd go and check it out.

Introducing Doc McStuffins!

Doc McStuffins is all about a kind hearted little girl who goes around fixing up her toys and sharing the message of good health at the same time. Finally more shows for little girls!

Baby girl watching intently despite being sleepy since she missed her nap time

I think this is enough proof that she likes it =)

Of course no event is ever complete without food.

Our plate of food

Since it was her birthday, I let her call the shots on what she wanted to eat and boy, was she demanding!

Girlee: Mummy I want fries!
Me: Ok, here you go. How about some sandwich?
Girlee (shakes head): No, no, no. I want this one (points to something on the plate)
Me (pointing to the burger): This one?
Girlee (shakes head): No, no. This one.
Me: Nugget?
Girlee (frustrated): No, NO! THIS one.
Me: Oh, fruit tart!

And then she went on to eat only the fruits but not the tart -_-". I totally did not set out to raise a princess so I don't know why she turned out like one *sigh*.

Anyway, we also met a lot of the other fellow SMBs and their kids!

The best photo we had of the kids as it was super hard to get this photo!
Our group shot. Surprisingly quite nice =)

After the event, baby girl was sooo tired that she fell asleep the minute her head hit the stroller! I'm actually proud that she could even last that long without fussing too much =)

She only awoke just before her birthday celebratory dinner at Jurong Point's Swensons.

She acts like the Queen 88% of the time so she might as well look like one *laughs*

I actually searched high and low for a cheap (so I won't feel heartache if she breaks it) but pretty tiara and managed to find this one at Chamelon for $7.90. And since baby girl started to get restless while waiting for daddy to arrive after work, we took out one of her birthday presents for her to play.

And she ended up looking like some Arabian princess

When her daddy finally arrived, I ordered a children's meal for Girlee, which came in a really cool pirate's ship!

Loving her food in a pirate's ship

I have to say she really liked it very much and ate almost everything, even the corn (although she didn't finish because it was still too hard for her but at least she tried it)!

And finally, they served the cake that baby girl requested for: ice-cream cake!

Happy Birthday to Her Royal Highness!
Damn proud that she managed to blow out 1 of the candles herself

We were so full at the end of the day but everyone was all smiles because the Queen herself decreed that she "liked the cake".

The day ended with baby girl playing with her birthday presents, especially her toy shoes!

No Cinderella is complete without her glass slippers
Thanks for all the lovely birthday gifts! =)

Although we didn't throw a big party or go to the Bird Park like I had planned in my head, I think it all worked out eventually since baby girl had a blast.

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Girl!
Mummy loves you very, very much! *kisses*

Disclosure: An invitation to the bloggers event was received from Disney Junior Asia. All opinions and text are my own.
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