Friday 6 July 2012

Forget Retail, I Need My Art Therapy!

Some watch a movie. Others (like the hubby) get immersed into the virtual world of Diablo III. And still others peruse pages and pages of online shops for their daily dose of retail medicine.

But for people like me, there is nothing more therapeutic than painting on a canvas or getting fingers dirty with glue for relaxation =)

It was time for one of my art therapy sessions as I badly needed one so I decided to join a few of the SMBs for an art session at Arteastiq.

Social Painting & Tea
SMBs (from left): Me, Dominique, June, Virginia & Rachel

I was late (yeah, yeah, I know.. as usual..) so I ended up choosing a relatively easier picture to paint rather than a scenic forest, which I knew I wouldn't have time to finish. Each session at Arteastiq is limited to 3 hours and any additional hours spent are chargeable at $5/hour.

As we painted, we drank our tea and talked about anything and everything. I enjoyed it tremendously =)

After working on my painting for 2.5 hours (I was late remember), this was what I came up with:

My half-completed painting
still did not manage to finish it despite choosing a simpler picture *sigh*

Anyway, thankfully I had acrylic paint at home, which was not as good as the ones at Arteastic but enough for me to work with.

Acrylic on Canvas

Do you know why I chose Lilies? They're one of my favourite flowers! I may not look like it, but I love flowers (and especially painting them)! *grin*

After a day of treatment, I'm finally finding myself again.. my artistic self that is! I've since lined up a series of art projects/antidotes for more of the much needed therapy sessions =)

Watch this space!


This post is part of my Mad-Made Art series that documents our artistic creations!

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