Monday 2 November 2015

Cheekaaboo Protective Swim Wear

Now that we live in a condominium (for a year at least), swimming has become a weekly or biweekly affair. But like every concerned parent, I am always concerned that they will get sun burnt when the sun is shining bright or that they will catch a chill whenever the wind blows.

Hence I was very keen to try out the swim wear collection by Cheekaaboo, which is specially designed to not only shield your child's skin from harmful UV rays, it also keeps them warm.

Swim wear from Cheekaaboo for my girl and my boy
(as well as a pair of goggles for my girl)

Both kids tried out their swim outfits and they fit them quite well even though I chose them online =)

Left: My girl is wearing the Cheekaaboo Twinwets 2-piece suit in pink-purple;
Right: My boy is wearing the Cheekaaboo Kiddies Suit in blue
(Note: the outfit is worn upside-down. I had mistakenly assumed zip means in-front haha. Apparently not =P)
Even though the material is thicker than most swim suits (in order to ensure that your child is kept warm), the swim suit was still flexible enough to allow my boy to be as active as he wanted!
Having fun with water guns in the water!

I was initially afraid that the thicker material might hinder their movement in the water but they looked like they were not bothered at all. In fact, they played like they always do and did not shiver as much when they first entered the water. I was also more relaxed whenever they got out of the pool and the wind blew because I knew they were protected from the cold.

Showing off her jumping!

The girl also got to try out her new pink goggles.

Pink goggles with a cute little bee on top
Close up of the bee
(photo bomber alert in the background...)

Overall, I was quite happy with the products from Cheekaaboo. The material is quite comfortable and of good quality while the prices are pretty reasonable.


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Disclosure: Complimentary products were received from Cheekaaboo for the purposes of this review and giveaway. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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