Sunday 17 November 2013

First Concert Performance

As with all firsts, the first official performance by my little girl was something special for us. Her teachers had started getting all the children to rehearse almost every week since September. From the costumes to the make up, every effort was put into the preparation.

Getting ready for her full dress rehearsal

I was so excited to watch her perform that I took half day leave and arrived early to secure good seats right at the front! =)

Getting ready to perform
Performance by the class of N1

I was really afraid that she might get stage fright by the many eyes and cameras on her but she performed with the rest of her class like a pro!

Aren't the kids cute? =D

At the end of the concert, the little kids joined the rest of the school for the final song!

Performing the final song
Final performance by the whole school

It was a great concert, awesome job by everyone!

With her biggest supporters
With her teacher and classmate

I'm so proud of my little girl =)
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