Monday 11 November 2013

Mother-Daughter Manicures

My girl loves to check out my beautifully manicured hands and feet and always bug me to do the same for her too. I would usually only paint her toenails whenever I have time as I only have O.P.I nail polish at home and I didn't want to use nail polish on her fingernails that were not non-toxic as she likes to put her fingers in her mouth.

As I happened to take leave to see my OBGYN last Friday, I decided to bring her along for my regular manicure session at my usual nail salon.

For her pedicure, she chose her favourite colour pink!

Her first professional pedicure!

For her manicure, she chose a super bright red nail polish, which was child-friendly and non-toxic.

Her first ever manicure!
Painting on the nail polish one tiny nail at a time

She patiently sat through the whole process without moving much at all. The things us girls will do for vanity! *laughs*

She did finally lose her patience when it came time for the nails to be dried under a dryer.

Drying her newly painted fingernails
It took a lot of nagging to get her to keep her nails in this position (and even then she couldn't)!

I can't really blame her though 'cos even I have no patience to wait for my nails to dry under a dryer (which is one of the reasons why I prefer gelish), much less a very active 3 year old! After what seemed like forever, her nails were done!

Pretty little red fingernails
(which got ruined just hours after the manicure >_< *sigh*)

And then it was waiting for me to finish and she was of course super impatient. Kept bugging me to go so I had to give her something to eat to keep her occupied while my manicurist worked her usual magic.

Gelish french manicure with baby nail art

I know people say how gelish nail polish is damaging to the nails and skin but I love my beautiful nails too much to care! As they say in Chinese, 女人爱美不要命 (literal translation: women love beauty don't want their lives)! *laughs*

Really enjoyed our mother-daughter time together! I might bring my girl with me again.. if I can find a way to keep her occupied while I do my manicure =)
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