Saturday 4 July 2015

Girl's Cinderella 5th Birthday Party

When I asked my girl what she would like the theme of her birthday party to be, she answered without hesitation, "Cinderella!" (She got hooked to Cinderella on the plane to Melbourne. We even brought her to see the newest movie.)

So Cinderella it was.

Her paternal grandmother got her son, who is living in the USA, to buy the Cinderella dress and assessories for her. Sadly the former was sold out so he could only buy the latter. I eventually got her a dress from Qoo10 at S$22, which was cheap but the material wasn't fantastic and the look didn't resemble Lily James' dress in the movie (I figured that there was no point spending a lot of money on a dress that she's only going to wear once). It was good enough for my girl though, who loved her outfit!

Left: Cinderella's glass slippers and her crown!
Right: Wearing her full outfit at home

As with the year before, my girl helped me with packing the goodie bags for her classmates. We ordered a Cinderella cake and her daddy also got her a big Cinderella balloon!

Girl all dressed in "Cinderella", with her Cinderella balloon
(The balloon was quite expensive but can last for 5 days before it starts to deflate)

We decided to have the party at her school (easier for us).

With her Cinderella cake and looking like a princess
Happy 5th birthday my baby girl!
(If you look carefully the blue candle is broken. Don't ever buy this, the quality is really bad)
A group photo with her royal subjects!
Blowing out her candle!
Serving the cake with princess plates
Delicious!! :D

Girl enjoyed herself tremendously! Special thanks to all her teachers for teaching and taking care of her at school! :)

I can't believe that I have been a mother for 5 years! My girl has grown to become a pretty little sister. How fast time flies!

Happy 5th Birthday Darling!
Mummy loves you very, very much! *kisses*

P.S: See also my girl's past birthday party themes: Elsa and Dora :)
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