Sunday 2 October 2011

A La Villa Garden Wedding

The wedding that I've been looking forward to has finally arrived!

And I have everything to be excited about since this is also the first time that I'm a bridesmaid (can't believe I was never a bridesmaid before my own wedding) and wedding coordinator! My duties include overseeing the matrimony and dinner as well as the crafts and decor.

So before the wedding, Mrs P got me to work on their welcome sign, using this as my inspiration..

My sketch of the sign totally looks exactly like the inspiration! Well, almost..=)

..which I drew out by hand without the use of stencils (as usual). I then painted it with brown acrylic paint and added a border.

She also got me to work on a bunch of other crafts, my favourite being this cage..

Cage & Materials

..which I decorated using the white and purple roses she bought from Spotlight. As it was supposed to contain red packets, I lined the inside with soft netting fabric and the base with cardboard.

What do you think?
Actual product!

Turned out pretty good eh! I love them =)

The welcome sign was placed at the entrance right next to the reception and the wooden letters of their names hung on a Christmas-tree-like bush next to it.

My favourite elements of the decor

Guests were told to hang their well-wishes on the vines of the main tree (see picture above) while I decorated the other tree by hanging photo frames from the branches at different lengths.

Photo frames on a tree

Loved the overall effect! =)

It was a mad rush to get everything done on time, with a baby on my hip and all. The hubby was the driver of the bridal car, my mum was late and baby refused to be carried by anyone else, so I had little choice but to carry her and do what I needed to do! You can't believe how thankful I was when my mum finally arrived!

I have to admit that there was a point where I really panicked as things seemed to go missing and I have no idea where they went. But then, as sudden as they disappeared, they also mysteriously reappeared and fell right into place! Whew!

And thankfully so because it was time for the arrival of the bride, who made her grand entrance in style!

Grand entrance of the bride!
Driven by none other than the hubby!

She made her walk down a rose-petal-lined aisle to the tune of 'Just a Kiss'.

Handing the bride over to the groom
Listening to the sermon by our pastor

Don't they look absolutely great? Mrs P glowed in her custom-made gown tailored made especially for her and Mr P had on the most unique blue shoes I've ever seen!

After exchanging their vows and signing the marriage certificate, it was time for their first march out as husband and wife!

"And I present to you.. Mr & Mrs P!"

Right after the matrimony was their tea ceremony, followed by dinner inside the restaurant. We took our allocated seats and dinner is served!

Tags with the names of each guest were tied by me =)

I was so busy with ensuring a smooth delivery of great food to the guests that I didn't manage to take any pictures of the dinner. But I can tell you that the food was really delicious, especially the dessert! Yum *licks lips*

Although I was tired out by the end of the day (almost couldn't feel my feet after being on my heels all day), it was totally worth it seeing how well the wedding went. Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the hubby, who successfully managed to get the groom to drink just a little too much alcohol, if ya know what I mean! Let's just say, we had a very memorable end to the night *laughs*

Polaroid of our family
Congrats Mr & Mrs P! I'm so happy you're finally married and staying so close to us! Welcome to the married club guys, we love you very much! =)

P.S: How do you like my new blog header?
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