Wednesday 28 September 2011

Mad-Made: 22 Wooden Door Signs

This is a feat, even for me.

22 unique wooden door signs for 22 friends!

Although they all look similar, each one is absolutely unique and took me almost 3 hours EACH (I'm a bit of a perfectionist you see)!

As usual, I start out by laying out my materials on my bed. The stickers and letters were from Spotlight and the unpainted cardboard from Made With Love while the ribbons and lace were from Daiso.

My materials

Also from Daiso are these pretty brads at just $2 each. Love that they're so cheap and cute! =)

To accomplish this enormous task, I first had to cut up all my paper (using a zig-zag scissors) and decide which name to go with which design. As the designs are pretty much dictated by the pattern of the paper (bought from Popular Bookstore and Made With Love), I'll be grouping pieces using the same paper into the same collection.

Collection #1: Naturally Green

One of my favourites from this collection is this yellow bird that I painted with yellow acrylic paint.

If you notice carefully, I had also stuck foam tape (from Daiso) to the back of all the letters so as to make them pop out. Surprisingly, the foam tape actually stuck on pretty well so the letters were quite sturdy.

I also bought a whole sheet of cork (also from Daiso) to cut up into different things..

..such as this camera, which I made by cutting up the individual shapes, sticking them on top of each other and painting some parts with acrylic paint. The coconut tree was also cut out of the cork sheet and stuck to the paper with a brad in the center. Loved the way they turned out! =)

Collection #2: Laced with Flowers

This was everything girly and pretty and therefore reserved for the girls!

In order to match the flowery design of the paper, the cork sheet was cut up to form flowers instead of trees. For one particular piece, however, I had somehow cut it such that it looked more like a butterfly than a flower. So instead of throwing it away, I made it into a butterfly by painting the body and feelers with brown acrylic paint (see below)! Turned out pretty good! =)

Other favourites include the pop-out heart and cardboard birds that were painted with acrylic paint =)

Collection #3: Laid-back Cool

The overall feel is one of relaxing by the beach. Once again, the cork sheet was used to cut out the trees and stars. The cardboard letters were painted bright yellow and the bird house painted bright red so that they would stand out from the blue background. Finally, the green border sticker from Daiso was added to the bottom.

Collection #4: Vintage Brown

This is actually a mixture of different elements of the earlier collections but with brown paper. The cardboard letters were painted champagne but my favourite element is still the camera! =)

Collection #5: 2 Become 1

This collection is made specially for my married friends (who lived together) so I decided to tie the two wooden pieces together with ribbon rather than make 2 separate door signs.

Wedding Design

For the wedding design, I fashioned the wedding bells and the bride and groom out of the cork sheet by cutting out the shapes and painting parts of it with acrylic paint. I then finished off with painting the cardboard bird house, branch and lettering.

Family Design

Similarly, for the other married couple (with a 9 month old boy), I cut out shapes from the cork sheet to form a baby carriage instead and painted it with different shades of green. I really liked it! =) I also wrote the words 'Home of' on the sticker and added the lettering, which somehow did not stand out in the photos even though it can be seen quite clearly in real life.

Collection #6: Special Designs

I made these for my sis and her bf with pieces of paper that I had left over from previous scrapbooking projects. They are one of a kind and totally unique, just like they are!

I'm particularly proud of this DJ spinning console and headphones that I had fashioned from the cork sheet.

I painted the disk black as well as a wire linking the console to the headphones, which was positioned strategically over the 'head' of the letter 'J' (which was painted with champagne acrylic paint). Love! =)

And there you have it! I hope you guys will like it as much as I had fun making it! =)


This post is part of my Mad-Made Art series that documents our artistic creations!

You can also see more on Instagram via the hashtag #madpsychmumart
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