Friday 31 January 2020

Littlest Girl's 1st CNY in the Year of the Rat

I've been sleep deprived because my baby still wakes up for milk every 3 hours at night 😴 nevertheless, nothing will stop me from journaling my littlest girl's first Chinese New Year celebration 😄


It's my zodiac year this year so I think I went a bit crazy buying decorations, which were on sale anyway due to COVID-19.

However, I paid full price for the Christian decorations sold at my church because they were so pretty and meaningful!

Other decorations I bought from the market which were on sale!
Pretty decorations 😊


The Heng family decided to have our reunion dinner at the Westlake Restaurant this year instead of the usual steamboat. The restaurant was so crowded!

We had an enjoyable reunion dinner! 

The Lee family had reunion dinner at home as we have always done, steamboat and all.

The very blessed Lee family is celebrating CNY with 2 babies!
Both girls born in the year of the pig 🐷
The eldest girl calls them NaNa twins 😄
Our steamboat feast!
As our family grows larger and larger, it is getting harder and harder to take a selfie!


I was so excited to dress the 3 Lee girls in matchy-matchy dresses that I got at a great bargain ($10 each!) during a sale last year. I tried to find a fuchsia outfit for myself but only managed to get a top from Love Bonito.

The girls' dresses for CNY

Love how coordinated we look! 

Kids look so cute here! 
The girls getting ang pow from third aunt and uncle
Grandma's precious jems
A selfie with the girls
Tried to squeeze everyone into the selfie
The baby-est of the family!

We headed to my parents' place after lunch to visit my mum.

My girls' OOTD
Getting her first ang pow from popo
Our annual family photo at this wall 2002 😂
Kids at their great-grandma's house with the other cousins
My cousin also had a baby last year!
Our family keeps on growing! 😄

We ended the day at the hubby's 4th uncle and aunt's home with the rest of the Lee family.

Lee family group photo


Day 2 was spent visiting at the hubby's uncle and aunt's house.

Kids' OOTD
The NaNa twins are wearing matchy clothes again 😍


This year's CNY happened to fall on Saturday and Sunday hence we've got 2 more extra days to spend as a family. We spent the 3rd day at City Square Mall where the kids got to play at Airzone, a suspended indoor playground.

Playing in a very different kind of ball pit
It actually looks quite scary 😅
Bouncing around and playing with a giant ball
This is suspended about 6 floors above ground!
Kids were totally unfazed 😅


We visited Gardens by the Bay and utilised our Friends of the Gardens membership (which we got for half price 😊).

Enjoying the CNY festivities at Gardens by the Bay

It is the littlest girl's first time at Gardens by the Bay and she was super excited!

Cloud Forest

Having fun at the Cloud Forest
First time at the Cloud Forest and loving it!

Flower Dome

CNY decorations
Kids with their zodiac
(Girl is a tiger and boy is a snake)
Baby is a piggy while the hubby is a sheep
Mum-in-law and I are both rats!

OCBC Skywalk
Our membership also includes free entry to the OCBC Skywalk and this is our first visit to the Skywalk!

Beautiful from ground
Love this family photo of us!
Baby is learning to walk at the SkyWalk! 
Love these photos with the Supertrees!
Great view of the SkyWalk
Birds eye view of the Gardens
View of MBS

We had a great extended long CNY this year! I'm glad my baby had an awesome first CNY! ❤️


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